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Welcome to Blingola

“Welcome to Blingola,” an imaginary world where everyone has “all the happiness in the world,” courtesy of their Virgin Money credit cards. With headlines like “The land of milf and honeyz,” you’re probably thinking this campaign is a joke. It isn’t. These ads are fo’real cuz. (Click to enlarge) Apparently in South Africa, where these […]

Emotional Is Not The Opposite Of Rational

Over the past few years marketers — financial services marketers, in particular — have increasingly recognized the importance of emotional factors in how consumers make decisions. Especially when it comes to products that they believe should be evaluated on rational factors, like the interest rate on a checking or savings account, or on a loan. […]

Using Photos of Men and Women in Marketing

This is a really difficult blog post for me to write. First of all, because I have to admit that I might have been wrong about something. And second, because with a blog title like this one, I risk offending some people, and losing some readers. Especially female readers. Which is not as sexist a […]

What is WaMu LIVE!?

How many of WaMu's customers actually know about this program? And how many of those take advantage of it?