Unchartered Territory: Digital Banking Trends and Predictions 2024


The past year has been dynamic, challenging and fast-moving. It is highly likely that 2024 will be the same.

There are major opportunities ahead for innovators that make the right decisions today. Our guide to the trends and technologies that will shape the digital banking landscape in 2024 will help you plan for the disruption ahead and understand the technology investments that will drive future growth.

Find, actionable advice and guidance to help banks thrive during a year of rising competition, technological disruption and challenging economic headwinds.

What’s inside the report:

  • In-branch banking: Younger generations still share much in common with older folks – including a continued need for branch-based services. How should banks respond?
  • Buy + Build: A new approach to procuring and deploying tech is gaining popularity, offering financial institutions a powerful strategy to remain competitive.
  • Hyper automation: Get ready for the next stage on the automation journey – in which as many business functions as possible are automated to drive a range of positive outcomes.
  • Open banking: The fast, secure, API-enabled data-sharing of Open Banking is now spreading across a wide range of sectors and a growing number of jurisdictions. What’s next?

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