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Spring 2021 (Volume 2, Issue 1)

Insights Magazine Spring 2021

  • Building stronger relationships with Millennials and Gen Z (page 9)
  • How to nail the small business banking and lending market in 2021 (page 18)
  • Using data-driven personalization as a digital banking differentiator (page 26)
  • Is challenger bank Chime the future of retail banking? (page 28)
  • What ‘Primary Financial Institution’ status means in the digital banking age (page 40)

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Winter 2020 (Volume 1, Issue 3)

Insights Magazine Winter 2020

  • Eliminating friction and removing CX road blocks (cover story)
  • How to think like a challenger bank (page 11)
  • Digital account opening — new rules for the new normal (page 7)
  • 7 essentials of digital transformation success (page 17)
  • The 2021 digital marketing landscape (page 9)
  • How COVID changed America’s financial habits forever (page 25)

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Fall 2020 (Volume 1, Issue 2)

Insights Magazine Fall 2020The fall issue of INSIGHTS magazine looks at some of the lessons learned that must be carried forward as you build your 2021 strategic plan — from CX and the new role of branches, to online account opening and switching behaviors.

  • Critical lessons about branch strategy from the retail sector (cover story)
  • How the COVID pandemic is crushing fintechs (page 33)
  • Why Bank of America is so scary (page 37)
  • What Gen-Z loves and hates about banking (page 29)

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Spring 2020 (Volume 1, Issue 1)

One theme clearly dominates the 40-page charter issue: the unparalleled impact of the COVID-19 on the banking industry. Featured articles in this issue include:

  • Meheriar Hasan, the CEO of Terafina, explains how banks must completely rethink their delivery model in a post-pandemic world (cover story).
  • What Banking Will Look Like After the Pandemic (page 10)
  • How COVID-19 is Transforming the Branch Experience (page 24)
  • How the Coronavirus is Smashing Americans’ Finances (page 16)

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