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Rocket Mortgage and Q2How All Banks Can Now Offer Industry-Leading Digital Mortgages

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Jonathan Price, EVP of Q2 and Sam Schey, EVP of Rocket Mortgage
August 11, 2022

Most mortgage experiences are overwhelming and full of friction, with outdated processes that includes a stack of paper forms and multiple in-person meetings. And, while many financial institutions would like to provide a better experience, resources are scarce.

New mortgage-as-a-service (MaaS) solutions allow smaller financial institutions to utilize best-in-class technology, while still retaining personalized engagement. This enables local banks to compete with larger financial institutions for the most important household relationship.

My guests on the show are Jonathan Price, EVP of Q2 and Sam Schey, EVP of Rocket Mortgage. They explain how a bank can combine an industry-best digital mortgage process with a bank’s existing mobile and online banking platform.


Corey LeBlancLocality Bank: Using Modern Technology to Serve Small Businesses

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Corey LeBlanc, co-founder of Locality Bank
August 9, 2022

Small businesses are the foundation of the American economy, with 30.2 million small businesses making up 99.9% of American businesses and employing 47.5% of American employees.

Despite the size of this segment, small businesses have unique challenges such as funding, payment processing, money transfer and more. In addition, most traditional small business bank processes are antiquated and time-consuming.

My guest is Corey LeBlanc, co-founder of Locality Bank, a digital-first community bank based in Fort Lauderdale. Corey shares the mission of this start-up and how Locality is using financial technology to make processes more efficient, saving money and better serving their customers.


FIS GlobalEmbedded Finance and BaaS: The Future of Banking

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Mike Kresse and Taira Hall from FIS Global
August 4, 2022

Embedded finance integrates financial services, such as payments, lending, insurance, etc. within a non-financial business’ infrastructure. This provides a seamless bridge between a brand, the consumer, and a financial solutions provider.

The expansion of embedded finance solutions on the B2C side have skyrocketed, while B2B solutions have seen much more tepid growth. Innovation of both forms of solutions is expected to continue to be robust in the foreseeable future.

We are very fortunate to have Mike Kresse and Taira Hall from FIS Global on the show. They discuss the current embedded banking and Banking as a Service can provide both opportunities and threat in the future.


Liz WolvertonDaylight: Meeting the Unique Needs of the LGBTQ+ Community

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Rob Curtis, CEO of Daylight
August 2, 2022

With a collective spending power of $1 trillion a year, close to 30 million Americans self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex or asexual according to recent polls. Despite the size of the market, 44% of LGBTQ+ people consistently struggle to maintain regular savings.

This podcast is not a political conversation, while we will be touching on political issues. It is an analysis of how a digital banking platform can transform the banking experience for a unique community by creating products and content specific for a segment’s needs.

My guest is Rob Curtis, CEO of Daylight, the first digital bank focused on the needs of the LGBTQ+ community. Rob shares the challenges this community faces from a financial perspective, and how Daylight is addressing these issues.


Liz WolvertonSynovus Bank: The Journey to Become a Digital Bank

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Liz Wolverton, Head of Consumer Banking and Brand Experience at Synovus
July 26, 2022

Becoming adept at digital banking is not simply about technology. It’s about the way banking leaders adapt to the pace of change and continually rethink how they can create and deliver value in a digital economy.

Most importantly, it is understanding that the digital banking transformation process is a never-ending journey … with no end point.

My guest on the show is Liz Wolverton, Head of Consumer Banking and Brand Experience at Synovus. Liz shares how building the muscles for continuous change at Synovus allows the bank to adapt to future change more rapidly, which makes the bank more resilient.


Greg Gruning and Brian LindenmannIs Your Data Strategy Future-Ready?

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Greg Gruning from Segmint and Brian Lindenmann from Busey Bank
July 21, 2022

Consumers expect their financial institution to use data and insights collected over time to deliver personalized recommendations based on transactions and behavior in the past.

Fortunately, banks and credit unions have access to solutions that can drive insight discovery, outcome predictions, and task automation. The challenge is to implement these capabilities at the speed and scale that customers expect.

My guests on the show are Greg Gruning from Segmint and Brian Lindenmann from Busey Bank. Greg and Brian discuss how banks are using data and AI to drive digital transformation and grow revenue by optimizing the customer journey across channels.


Allison Netzer and Liz HighHow to Think Like a Brand, Not a Bank

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Allison Netzer and Liz High, authors of ‘Think Like a Brand, Not a Bank’
July 19, 2022

As consumers get exposed to new financial brands every day, it has never been more important to think like a brand and not a bank. Investing in creating a strong brand allows a banking organization to get and keep people’s attention – directly impacting the bottom line.

With the right branding, you have the chance to impact how consumers perceive your business and how your employees represent your business. This creates loyalty by building trust.

My guests on the show are Allison Netzer and Liz High, the authors of the book, ‘Think Like a Brand, Not a Bank’. Allison and Liz share how good branding can appeal to people’s emotions, allowing a bank or credit union to outperform the competition.


Bhavin TurakhiaModernizing Payments for an Embedded Banking Future

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Bhavin Turakhia, CEO and Co-founder of Zeta
July 14, 2022

Embedded payments have become the norm in our personal lives. In fact, a report from IDC predicts that 74% of digital consumer payments globally will be conducted via platforms owned by non-financial institutions by 2030.

Unfortunately, IDC also found that 73% of financial institutions globally have technology infrastructures for payments that are far from future-ready.

Today, we have Bhavin Turakhia, CEO and Co-founder of Zeta on the show. Bhavin discusses how embedded payment technologies are becoming available to organizations of all sizes, allowing legacy banks to keep pace with technology leaders.


James Bessen Are Big Banks Hurting Competition, Innovation and Equality?

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: James Bessen, author of the book, ‘The New Goliaths’
July 12, 2022

Competition in banking has expanded in the past twenty years, yet banking and technology giants are increasingly using proprietary technology and data-driven insights to tilt the playing field.

When smaller financial firms can’t reach the scale needed to compete effectively, there is potential for economic inequality, reduced social responsiveness, and less innovation.

My guest is James Bessen, lecturer at Boston University School of Law and author of the book, ‘The New Goliaths’. Jim shares his perspective that the largest firms have a major competitive advantage, and how democratizing technology, insights and innovation can level the playing field.


Chad Gluff, TransUnion Identity Fraud is a Customer Experience Opportunity

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Chad Gluff, Sr. Director, Global Identity and Fraud for TransUnion
July 7, 2022

Identity fraud is an increasing challenge for financial institutions, impacting consumer trust and costing billions of dollars a year in losses. To combat this threat, financial institutions must streamline the authentication process while improving the overall client experience.

When fraud or identity theft does occur, customers want fair, equitable and fast resolution, with pain-free, frictionless access to their impacted accounts.

We are happy to have Chad Gluff, Sr. Director, Global Identity and Fraud for TransUnion on the show. Chad shares the impact that fraud and identity theft has on banking and the ways to turn your identity fraud solution into a customer experience opportunity.


Seth Goldstrom, McKinsey Essentials to Transformation Success in Banking

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Seth Goldstrom, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company
July 5, 2022

Transformation is both an overused word and an underdeveloped concept at most financial institutions. Successfully embraced, transformation can help a financial institution achieve its full potential.

Transformation is also not a project or a destination, but a continuous process of adapting to a volatile and uncertain environment to become more future-ready.

We are excited to have Seth Goldstrom, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company on the show. Seth shares the keys to a successful transformation and why most transformations fail to deliver as expected.


Jouk Pleiter, Backbase Be Prepared for the Engagement Banking Revolution

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Jouk Pleiter, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Backbase
June 28, 2022

Data, analytics, and new technologies are transforming the art and science of personalized customer experiences. Customer engagement of the future is holistic, predictive, precise, and clearly tied to business outcomes.

Winning organizations are building the capabilities, talent, and organizational structure needed for this transition. Those that stick with traditional processes will be forced to play catch-up in the years to come.

We are very fortunate to have Jouk Pleiter, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Backbase on the show. He discusses how to win customers – for life – in the new era of embedded banking.


Jim Stapleton, Epsilon From Personalization to Profits in Banking

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Jim Stapleton, Senior Vice President, Epsilon
June 23, 2022

Consumers want their financial providers to provide integrated experiences that leverage insights to create intuitive engagements. To accomplish this, banks and credit unions need to build the data infrastructure and analytics capabilities that can be applied across the entire customer journey.

Personalization must become a strategic priority, using data to create a differentiated value exchange with the customer in real-time.

I am excited to have Jim Stapleton, Senior Vice President at Epsilon on the show. Jim shares how banks and credit unions can deepen relationships by understanding customer behaviors and offering timely solutions.


Alice Milligan, Morgan Stanley An Inside Look into Morgan Stanley’s Evolving Brand Strategy

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Alice Milligan, CMO of Morgan Stanley
June 21, 2022

With a long history of leading marketing efforts at various financial organizations, Alice Milligan was named the chief marketing officer of Morgan Stanley in May 2021 in conjunction with the acquisition of E-Trade by Morgan Stanley.

With an evolving brand strategy to meet the needs of a more expansive, diverse consumer base, Milligan is tasked with communicating an expanding set of capabilities to these new audiences and modernizing the brand for future growth.

We are joined by Alice Milligan, the CMO of Morgan Stanley. Milligan discusses her career journey and the global brand strategy of Morgan Stanley. She also shares how data and analytics is the foundation for better marketing decisions.


Henry Ma, WeBankWeBank: A Model for the Future of Digital Banking

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Henry Ma, Chief Information Officer at WeBank
June 14, 2022

WeBank is considered by many to be the most progressive digital bank in the world. Launched in 2014, WeBank provides financial services to over 300 million individuals and 2.7 million small businesses.

Recently, WeBank has been expanded the use of blockchain as one of the key technologies to improve efficiency of digital banking and to promote equity and sustainable development. WeBank has also extended beyond financial services to assist other industries in the deployment of blockchain capabilities.

We are joined again by Henry Ma, executive vice president and CIO of WeBank. Ma discusses WeBank’s mission of delivering financial inclusion at scale by leveraging AI, blockchain, cloud computing, and big data.


Ryan Swift, EverfiDelivering Financial Education to Customers and Communities

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Ryan Swift, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at EVERFI
June 9, 2022

Providing trust through personal financial education is an imperative for the entire finance services sector. It is also a cornerstone to building engagement across the entire customer journey.

The need for financial education extends across every socio-economic segment and every age category. Advanced technologies have made the delivery of personalized financial education more feasible and more impactful for any sized financial institution.

We have Ryan Swift, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at EVERFI on the Banking Transformed podcast. Ryan discusses the value that financial education has in helping financial institutions make an impact in their communities.


Ron Shevlin, Cornerstone AdvisorsBanking Strategies to Withstand an Economic Downturn

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Ron Shevlin, Chief Research Officer at Cornerstone Advisors
June 7, 2022

The banking industry has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform legacy business models to become more competitive and more resilient during economic downturns.

By integrating data, analytics, advanced technologies, automation, and an up-skilled workforce, banks and credit unions can become more future-ready and agile in a crisis. These firms will also be able to take advantage of unique marketplace opportunities.

I am fortunate to be joined on the Banking Transformed podcast once again by Ron Shevlin, Chief Research Officer at Cornerstone Advisors. We discuss strategies and tactics financial institutions must take today to become digitally mature.


Bolun Li, ZogoThe Unique App That Makes Financial Education Rewarding

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Bolun Li, founder, Zogo
May 31, 2022

Capturing the attention of GenZ and digital-first consumers is an ongoing challenge. Financial well-being is a major goal for these segments … but engagement is elusive.

Zogo is an award-winning app that gamifies financial literacy for younger consumers. Created by a Chinese immigrant, at the age of 19, Zogo currently serves 600,000 users from 200 financial institutions, including American Express.

We are fortunate to have Bolun Li, founder & CEO of Zogo on the Banking Transformed podcast. He discusses the origination of this gamification-based app and the growth that has been achieved since Zogo’s founding.


Steven Rick, CUNA MutualHow Economic Instability Will Impact the Banking Industry

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Steven Rick, Chief Economist, CUNA Mutual
May 26, 2022

The economic outlook for 2022 is being impacted by rapid inflation, geopolitical shocks, rising interest rates, and unemployment numbers that loom as headwinds. While rapid post-pandemic growth and a strong labor market have been big wins, the benefits of the recovery could be diminished as price rises eat away at paychecks.

The question is, if the Fed must raise rates to higher levels to restore economic calm, could this start a recession that pushes the unemployment rate higher? And how does this impact the banking industry?

I am excited to have Steven Rick, Chief Economist for CUNA Mutual on the Banking Transformed podcast. Steve shares his insights on the unprecedented economic conditions we are seeing and what the future may look like for the banking industry.


Chris Skinner, Banking InfluencerHow to Make ESG a Cornerstone of Your Bank’s Business Model

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Chris Skinner, Financial Industry Influencer and Best Selling Author
May 24, 2022

More than ever, consumers want to associate with companies that are committed to environmental, social, and governance issues. This includes where they do banking.

But, while almost every financial institution is jumping on the bandwagon saying they are committed to doing what is good for society, how does a bank or credit unions differentiate from the noise in the marketplace?

We are fortunate to have Chris Skinner, one of the foremost influencers in the banking industry and author of the book, ‘Digital for Good’, on the Banking Transformed podcast. He discusses the value of having a higher purpose for financial institutions.


Joan Clark from SegmintHow Banking Can Win Big in the Subscription Economy

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Joan Clark, VP of Product at Segmint
May 19, 2022

Old revenue models are dead. Financial institutions must rethink their business models and create new growth levers to be future-ready. Subscriptions make our customers’ lives easier with the touch of a button, a recurring purchase or even a reminder about content of interest.

Helping customers pay directly from their debit or credit card can generate revenue. Beyond that, there are even subscription opportunities with personalized financial content.

It is great to have Joan Clark, VP of Product for Segmint on the Banking Transformed podcast. Joan discusses the way banking can benefit immediately from the subscription economy.


Matthew Smith from Webster BankHow Banking-as-a-Service has Made Webster Bank Future-Ready

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Matthew Smith, Head of Digital Banking and Banking as a Service at Webster Bank
May 17, 2022

Banking-as-a-service (BaaS) provides a great opportunity for existing financial institutions to reach a greater number of customers at a lower cost by teaming up with non-traditional financial and non-financial businesses.

It is expected the BaaS model will become a new battleground for both established banks and digital challengers, as the model has the potential to generate new revenue growth for both financial and non-financial businesses. The question becomes, will legacy banks become a distributor of financial products, a producer of them, or both?

I am joined by Matthew Smith, Head of Digital Banking and Banking as a Service at Webster Bank. Matthew discusses why Webster Bank decided to pursue the BaaS strategy and the success of the strategy to date.


Scott McArthur, CRO of StatfloReimagining Customer Engagement with Intelligent Texts

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Scott McArthur, CRO of Statflo
May 12, 2022

Many financial institutions struggle when it comes to building engagement with customers in a timely and impactful manner. More than ever, there is a need for ongoing dialogue that assists customers in better managing their finances.

One way to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of customer communication is with texting solutions, connecting with customers in real-time using messaging that gets attention far greater than traditional channels.

My guest on the Banking Transformed podcast is Scott McArthur, CRO of Statflo. Scott discusses the power of intelligent conversational texts, and how this channel can improve satisfaction and financial results.


Ray Wang from Constellation ResearchBanking on the Metaverse

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Ray Wang, Founder and Chairman of Constellation Research
May 10, 2022

It’s been 30 years since the term Metaverse was coined, but big money and big hype is now making its way into daily conversations in banking and beyond.

With the convergence of hundreds of millions of people with computer capacity at their fingertips, high-speed and high-capacity internet capabilities, the introduction of modern and affordable AR, VR and MR devices, and new assets powered by Web3 technology, the Metaverse is being defined in real-time daily.

My guest on the Banking Transformed podcast is Ray Wang, Founder and Chairman of Constellation Research. Ray untangles the hype from the likely reality and provides a clearer view of where the potential value lies for financial services.


Fintech firms are beating legacy banksWhy New Banks Are Taking Over the World

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Philippe De Backer and Juan Gonzalez from Arthur D. Little
May 3, 2022

While we are not seeing the end of banking, we are observing a changing of the guard in financial services. Powered by a deluge of funding, fintech firms are altering the battlefield for customers and relationships.

Without quick and decisive action, legacy financial institutions could become invisible to consumers and small businesses by 2030. To a degree, this has already occurred in payments. What’s next?

We are very fortunate to have Philippe De Backer and Juan Gonzalez from Arthur D. Little on the Banking Transformed podcast. They discuss the challenges facing traditional banking organizations and the actions that must be taken today for long-term survival.


Joe Pulizzi, founder of The Tilt7 Steps to Building a Winning Content Marketing Strategy in Banking

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Joe Pulizzi, founder of The Tilt
April 28, 2022

Content marketing is an important part of creating a powerful experience in banking. Done well, it can help attract, inform, and engage your target audience.

Content marketing has become popular in banking because it’s a way to provide insight without selling, building trust and loyalty that reinforces a financial institution’s brand. The types of content that can be created are vast and the sharing of content can go far beyond a bank’s website.

My guest on the Banking Transformed podcast is Joe Pulizzi, the author of the 7 books, including the best-selling book, Content Inc., and is the founder of The Tilt. Joe shares what it takes for banks and credit unions to succeed with content marketing.


Swati Bhatia, Head of Consumer Banking at Marcus by Goldman SachsMarcus Acquires Fintech Firms to Become Dominant Banking Power

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Swati Bhatia, partner and head of direct-to-consumer business at Marcus
April 26, 2022

In the past six years, Marcus has used an acquisition strategy to create a digital platform for consumer loans, credit cards, high-yield savings, automated investing, as well as providing tools to help consumers manage their finances.

Most recently, Goldman Sachs completed the acquisition of GreenSky, growing the customer base of Marcus to over 13 million customers. With a no-fee, interest bearing checking account expected still in 2022, Marcus wants to be the primary bank for millions of people.

Swati Bhatia, partner and head of direct-to-consumer business at Marcus is our guest on the Banking Transformed podcast. Swati discusses the continued product expansion of Marcus by Goldman Sachs, and how Marcus intends to become a dominant force in the retail banking.


Charles Lamanna, Corporate Vice President at MicrosoftLow-Code/No-Code Fuels Agile Digital Banking Transformation

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Charles Lamanna, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft
April 21, 2022

Keeping pace with an increasingly changing marketplace has never been so difficult. No place is this more evident than in creating the IT solutions required for digital banking transformation.

One way to resolve this dilemma is with low-code and no-code platforms. These platforms provide opportunities for virtually anyone to create business and mobile applications, helping accelerate innovation and delivery of highly differentiated solutions.

Charles Lamanna, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, is our guest on the Banking Transformed podcast. Charles shares how low-code/no-code app development has revolutionized the way financial institutions build future-ready applications.


Efi Pylarinou, Global Fintech AdvisorShould Bankers Fear Apple’s Future Growth Strategy?

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Efi Pylarinou, global fintech advisor
April 20, 2022

Bloomberg reported that Apple is launching an initiative code-named “Breakout” to bring more financial services capabilities in-house. It is believed that Apple wants to own the entire payments supply chain, minimizing external vendors, reducing costs, and reinforcing the use of consumer data to improve the customer experience. This would also allow them to compete more directly with platforms like Square, PayPal, Google, and Klarna.

We are very fortunate to have Dr. Efi Pylarinou, Global Fintech Influencer based in Switzerland, on the Banking Transformed podcast. She discusses why Apple has announced the Breakout initiative and how an expanded ecosystem could impact banking in the future.


Reimagining The Future of Digital Delivery at Capital One

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Jennifer Windbeck, Head of retail bank channels & operations at Capital One
April 19, 2022

The pandemic greatly accelerated the consumer desire to adopt digital-first banking experiences. That said, consumer preference for how to do banking has also become increasingly hybrid.

Few financial institutions have innovated the customer experience across multiple platforms more than Capital One. From their award-winning mobile app, to their Capital One Cafés, the bank continues to test new ways to build engagement.

We are very fortunate to have Jennifer Windbeck, Head of Retail Bank Channels & Operations at Capital One on the Banking Transformed podcast. She discusses how Capital One has continued to reinvent how and where customers can do banking.


Using Data to Acquire, Engage and Retain Banking Customers

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Joe Welu, founder and CEO of Total Expert
April 14, 2022

More than ever, delivering banking experiences rooted in personalized engagement is an expectation from every customer. More than just a requirement for communication, financial institutions must also develop personalized, tailored products for the customer segment that they’re going after.

Consumers are increasingly diversifying who their financial relationships. If you don’t know your customer, understand their needs and deliver value with each engagement, trust and loyalty will be damaged.

I am excited to have Joe Welu, founder and CEO of Total Expert on the show. Joe shares how banks and credit unions are differentiating their organizations by knowing what customers want before they do.


Simplifying Bank Marketing in the Age of Complexity

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: James Robert Lay, CEO of Digital Growth Institute
April 12, 2022

Financial marketing has become increasingly complex as data and technology provides the opportunity for instant, personalized engagement. As consumer attention spans shorten, and the world becomes cluttered with noise, bank marketing must adjust accordingly.

Choice proliferation and the exponential pace of change creates a combustible combination of complexity. Opportunities for simple banking experiences resonate, with greater loyalty and revenues being the reward.

I am excited to have James Robert Lay, founder and CEO of the Digital Growth Institute on the the podcast. James Robert shares how banks and credit unions can simplify the marketing process with market-leading results.


How Sofi Intends to Become the Center of the Financial Universe

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Derek White, CEO at Galileo Financial Technologies
April 5, 2022

SoFi is on a mission to move beyond its roots as a direct-to-consumer fintech organization, to become a financial services platform that will enable banks and fintech firms to build best-of-breed financial solutions.

The recent acquisition of the Technisys’ platform, combined with their banking-as-a-service division, Galileo, will provide an end-to-end vertically integrated technology stack using industry-leading APIs.

To put this significant acquisition into the perspective of the future direction of the banking industry, we have Derek White, CEO at Galileo Financial Technologies.


Customer Identity: Balancing Security and Seamless Banking Experiences

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Heidi Hunter, VP, Product Innovations at IDology
March 31, 2022

In a digital world where convenience, time savings, and instant access reign supreme, a physical-first banking experience is no longer the preferred option for most consumers. But how can you verify the identity of someone wanting to do business with you?

Banks should not have to make compromises between security and a seamless customer experience along their digital journey — but this requires the right identity strategy that reflects today’s risks and the needs of the modern digital consumer.

I am excited to have Heidi Hunter, VP, Product Innovations at IDology on the show. Heidi will discuss how knowing who your customer is, across channels and at all times, can be a differentiator for success.


Can Traditional Banks Keep Up With Payments Transformation?

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Matthew Wilcox, President of Digital Payments and Data Aggregation at Fiserv
March 29, 2022

The increasing scale and pace of change has been a constant characteristic of the payments landscape, driven by rapidly changing customer expectations and new technologies. The ability to deliver on these expectations, however, is still very much work in progress.

Payments is an important element of a bank’s overall value proposition. More than ever, financial institutions must adapt new partnership strategies and operating models, while focused on building unique differentiation.

Listen to Matthew Wilcox, President of Digital Payments and Data Aggregation at Fiserv, as he discusses the evolving opportunities and challenges available in today’s payments ecosystem.


How Bank of America Personalizes Financial Wellness for 67 Million Customers

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Holly O’Neill, President, Retail Banking at Bank of America
March 22, 2022

Financial institutions have struggled engaging consumers with budgeting and financial health tools. Bank of America’s approach has been to address financial wellness by building an omnichannel platform that allows consumers to set goals, track progress, and get answers to financial questions easily.

These efforts have resulted in Bank of America being the first financial institution to be certified by J.D. Power for financial health support.

Our guest on the podcast is Holly O’Neill, President of Retail Banking at Bank of America. She discusses how a holistic framework for supporting the financial health of its clients includes simple, transparent products, high levels of personalization, financial education, and access to human support.


Financial Institutions Can No Longer Ignore Cryptocurrencies

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Patrick Sells from NYDIG and Stephen Bohanon from Alkami
March 17, 2022

According to a report by J.P. Morgan, close to 300 banks are planning to roll out Bitcoin trading on mobile apps in the first half of 2022. Another study finds that 44% of regional and global banks will offer crypto support by the end of the year.

More than ever, the share of a consumer’s wallet is at risk. The question is how will banks and credit unions respond at a time when differentiation and deploying digital solutions is no longer optional?

We are very fortunate to have Patrick Sells, chief innovation officer for NYDIG, back on the Banking Transformed podcast. He is joined by Stephen Bohanon, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Alkami. They discuss the opportunities and challenges of traditional banks offering integrated Bitcoin solutions.


Reimagining Money Experiences in Banking

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Jane Barratt, Chief Advocacy Officer at MX
March 15, 2022

Over the past several years, my team at the Digital Banking Report has asked financial institutions globally what their primary objective was. Overwhelmingly, it has been to create better customer experiences.

The problem is that creating a great experience is no longer enough. Consumers are looking for financial advocates and ways to achieve better financial outcomes. They expect their financial partners to use insight available to provide the path for a secure financial future.

I am excited to have Jane Barratt, Chief Advocacy Officer at MX Technologies on the show. Jane discusses how data and insight can transform banking into emotional relationships that can impact people, organizations, and communities.


How to Make Banking Better in 2022

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Leda Glyptis PhD, chief client officer at 10x Banking
March 8, 2022

The banking industry has never been under more pressure to change. The challenge is not whether digital transformation will occur, but whether the right priorities will be set and whether the speed of change will be fast enough.

Winning organizations will combine new tech with legacy values and experiences. They will leverage partners to create innovations at the speed and scale of digital and will embrace a challenger mindset.

We are very fortunate to have Leda Glyptis PhD, chief client officer at 10x Banking on today’s show. She will discuss the areas of retail banking that are most ripe for disruption and how the winners will differentiate themselves.


KeyBank: Leveraging Targeted Scale for Differentiation and Growth

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Chris Gorman, chairman, CEO and president of KeyCorp
March 7, 2022

Situated on the asset spectrum between large national banks and community financial institutions, regional banks face the challenge of scale to make the technology investments needed to modernize legacy operations.

To meet changing customer expectations, regional banks need to develop innovative ideas and approaches to reduce expenses, create new products and services, serve unique market segments and leverage technology for future growth.

One organization that has emerged as a regional banking success story is KeyBank. Headquartered in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, KeyBank is a top 20 bank serving 15 states with over 1000 branches and 1500 ATMs.

We are very fortunate to have Chris Gorman, chairman, CEO and president of KeyCorp on the show. Chris discusses how KeyBank has leveraged technology, ecosystem partnerships, and innovative solutions to help drive KeyBank into the future.


The Future of Commerce Includes Digital Currency

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Tim Vanderham, Chief Technology Officer at NCR Corporation
March 3, 2022

Recently, NCR increased their ability to deliver a complete digital currency solution to its customers, including the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrency, conduct cross-border remittance, and accept digital currency payments across digital and physical channels.

Beyond offering financial institutions a secure way to perform digital currency transactions from a mobile banking app, website, or customer service center, the NCR solutions will also run on ATMs, kiosks and point-of-sale (POS) systems.

We are very fortunate to have Tim Vanderham, Chief Technology Officer at NCR Corporation, on the Banking Transformed podcast. He will discuss the opportunities and challenges of traditional banks offering digital currency solutions.


Blockchain, NFTs, Web 3.0, and Technologies Enabling the Metaverse

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Simon Taylor, co-founder and chief product officer of 11:FS
March 1, 2022

If there was any doubt about the mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrency, you didn’t need to look any further than the ads during this year’s Super Bowl, where three of the top five apps whose ads delivered the strongest download growth were crypto ads.

At the same time, the recent NFT boom has seen many individual NFTs sell for upwards of $1M each, with one selling for close to $70 million. There is also more discussion than ever around the future of Web 3.0 and the Metaverse.

To unravel all of these future trends, we have my friend, Simon Taylor, the co-founder and chief product officer of 11:FS on the Banking Transformed podcast.


Why AI and Machine Learning is The Future of Bank Differentiation

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Nate Shahan, co-founder and chief product officer of Segmint
February 17, 2022

Data and advanced analytics lie at the core of every financial institution wanting to build stronger engagement capabilities. Unfortunately, many organizations continue to struggle to apply data that will improve the customer journey.

To succeed, banks and credit unions have to understand and take action — in real time — to the consumer opportunities that data reveals.

On today’s Banking Transformed podcast, we have Nate Shahan, co-founder and chief product officer of Segmint. He will share how financial institutions can build business cases today that will help fund data and analytic investments in the future.