10 Things Your Bank Won’t Tell You

Check out this interesting article that came out yesterday, 10 Things Your Bank Won’t Tell You. It’s a candidly cynical perspective on financial marketing, and attacks many of the common messages financial institutions use in their advertising.

Here’s the list:

1.) “Our branches are there to sell you, not serve you.”

2.) “Our fees will only go up.”

3.) “We change our interest rates all the time.”

4.) “College campuses are gold mines for us.”

5.) “In debt? The courts won’t help.”

6.) “We’re excited about your trip to Europe, too!”

7.) “For all the fine print, we don’t disclose very much.”

8.) “Your money might be better off elsewhere.”

9.) “When it comes to banks, smaller is sometimes better.”

10.) “Your online account information isn’t necessarily accurate.”

In the article, the author goes into detail for each item on his list.

What would you add? How about:

11.) “We can’t stop phishing attacks.”

What do you think belongs in the list?

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