Alabama Credit Union is 79.3% Better Than A Bank

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These brand TV ads from Alabama Credit Union are terrific. They are brimming with personality and look nothing like any other financial institution’s ads. (Well okay, they may look a little like the recent Telly Award-winning spots from Truliant, but they are still very cool and fun to watch.) Take a look, and enjoy the entertaining print ad for a branch grand opening after the videos.

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The only downside is that Alabama Credit Union’s website doesn’t ooze with the same kind of spunk and attitude. As Ron Shevlin points out, it’s a bit of a brand disconnect to see ads as fresh and creative as these, then see a functional-but-unexciting website backing them up.

Key Questions: What are Alabama Credit Union’s branches like? How do these ads align with- or complement their in-branch experience?

The ads are the work of the Red Square Agency, Mobile, Alabama.

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