The ROI of Rebranding: Best Practices to Measure Business Value for Financial Brands


For any bank or credit union looking to grow, a distinct and differentiated brand is foundational.

Learn how institutions drive and deliver on the ROI of rebranding in this actionable guide that features new research on financial branding, including in-depth interviews, an analysis of recently rebranded banks and credit unions, and a survey of clients that have recently refreshed or rebranded. Explore the drivers and challenges that financial institutions are solving for with rebrands and see the strategies for success and lessons learned during the process.

In this report, you’ll:

  • Discover why brands matter, and when it might be time to rebrand your financial institution
  • Explore the advantages of rebranding, including benefits to the bottom line and increased brand influence
  • Learn strategies for success from recently rebranded institutions and how to make the case for change
  • Delve into case studies that explore three rebranded FIs, their data-driven decisions, and measures of success

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