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Xerox FCU to become ‘Xceed’

Many banks and credit unions, when they rebrand, stick to the same conventional terms everyone else is using. Xceed is distinct.

9 Points About Financial Branding

Financial branding is difficult to boil down to a few key lessons. But, here are nine critical pieces of advice every banker should read.

New Logo For Delta Community CU

The new Delta Community logo strategy to reflect wings is reminiscent of Banner Bank's choice to go with something "sail-like."

Datahead: Facts on TV and Online Financial Ads

A study by Bigresearch says this is what people do when TV commercials come on: 41.2% of viewers take a peak at what’s on other channels 33.5% talk with others in the room or by phone 30.2% mentally tune out 5.5% pay attention to commercials TV’s influence on consumers to purchase products declined, whereas new […]