Customer Experience Has Major Financial Impact For Banking Industry

A positive customer experience has a significant growth and financial impact on financial institutions. Read article

Top 9 Digital Consumer Trends for Financial Marketers in 2019

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SunTrust’s Omnichannel Digital Home Loan Fixes Mortgage Application Woes

Using the bank's new paperless SmartGUIDE process, applicants can complete an application in 30 to 40 minutes, cutting the time it typically takes in half. Read article

Don’t Kill Business Banking Relationships With Digital

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How Two Banks Are Chasing The AI Dream

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Big Opportunity For Traditional Lenders in Small-Dollar Biz Loans

Banks and credit unions should rethink their long-time aversion to lending to early-stage businesses. Technology and partnering are the keys. Read article

Today’s Digital Assistants Must Become Tomorrow’s Bot-Powered Banking Coaches

What's next in the future of chatbots? Experts lay out the financial industry's path forward for bot-powered insights delivered via voice or text. Read article

4 Ways Social Media Can Help Financial Marketers Celebrate Community

Shameless self-promotion doesn't work in social media channels. Instead share stories of the folks behind your brand and in your town. Read article

Millennials, The 4th Industrial Revolution, And ‘Youthquake 4.0’

'Youthquake' is the repurposed shorthand for the turbulence financial marketers continue to need to deal with in serving new generations. Read article

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