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How Gen AI is Reshaping Bank Marketing

Abbas Merchant, the ex-CMO of Regions Bank shares his perspective on the potential for generative AI to enhance both the efficiency and effectiveness of financial services marketing in the near future.

The Future of Banking: Beyond the Glass

Derek White, the CEO of Galileo shares his perspectives on the need to create DIY experiences beyond the glass in a podcast recording in front of an SRO audience at the Financial Brand Forum in Las Vegas.

Augmenting Bankers with Generative AI Solutions

Chris Gufford, Executive Director of Commercial Lending at nCino shares the AI innovations being developed to improve efficiency, personalization, fraud mitigation and customer experiences for financial institutions of all sizes.

From AI Hype to Real Value: Perfecting the Balancing Act

Sriram Natarajan, president of Quinte Financial Technologies, shares insights on leveraging AI and process transformation to drive efficiency, improve customer experiences and navigate the challenges of digital transformation in banking.