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New Bank Branch Features Passion Papaya Smoothies and 3-Month CDs

“We want people to come in, hang out, and meet with their friends and clients.” — Reliant Bank Reliant Bank has blended a smoothie shop into one of its branches. The bank has put a Maui Wowi franchise inside its Lennox branch, where you can now get tropical fruit smoothies, exotic Kona coffee, muffins and […]

The Future of Bank Branches

“The Future of Branches” is another presentation by Jeffry Pilcher, Publisher of The Financial Brand and President/ICONiQ. It takes a look at trends in retail branch design, and examines the best practices for engineering a branded financial environment. The presentation features 50 photos and dozens of examples. Here’s a summary of the main points. With […]

LEED Gold Branch for a True-Green Credit Union

Columbia Credit Union is just about as green as financial institutions get. They have green business practices, an E-Go Green Auto Loan, a Living Green Mortgage and they have tips for greener living on their website. They even gave away a Mercedes Smart Car last year. So the decision to go green with branches was […]

Why Chase Bank Killed WaMu’s ‘Occasio’ Retail Branch Concept

It’s been known for months that JP Morgan Chase planned to replace Washington Mutual’s innovative retail branch design with a much more traditional model. Now that the changes are actually being implemented, the failed thrift’s approach to branching is again being called into question. In a recent Wall Street Journal story, Charles Scharf, the CEO […]

Motion-Sensing Retail Window from Citizens Bank

Using motion tracking, pedestrians can interact with the display, signaling birds to come flying in and drop coins, grow plants, create wind to blow the plants around and spray pollen, etc. The display is also time-reactive, automatically changing themes depending on the time of day. This interactive display (video) for Citizens Bank will go in […]

See Barclays Bank of the Future… It’s Here Now

Barclays has opened a new flagship branch at Piccadilly Circus in London. The bank describes the project as “the first ‘brand concept’ branch in the UK,” covering 8,000 square feet of retail space over three floors. “We have taken inspiration from retailers such as Apple and Nike,” said Mike Amato, Chief Distribution & Product Officer/Barclays […]

It’s Official: UNCB’s ‘Gold Café’ Branches Are Gone

Since April 2006, Union National Community Bank’s Gold Cafés were heralded widely around the financial industry as a fresh innovation in branch design. The concept was a revolutionary combination: one part bank branch, one part upscale, fully-functioning café. There were espresso drinks, smoothies, menus, patio seating, checking accounts, loans, and even “financial baristas.” The Financial […]

No Traditional Tellers in This New Branch

Dort FCU’s latest branch is characterized by its warm woods and rich hues, complemented by nice lighting and a healthy application of retail graphics. The open floor plan and spacious ceiling create a pleasant, inviting feeling. Four video tellers handle all the branch’s cash transactions. (For more on video tellers, see this article from The […]

First Atlantic Branches Feature Video Tellers, Teller ‘Pods’

John Culp, CEO of First Atlantic Credit Union, complained that his financial institution suffered from “a physical image that was like that of a classic bank branch, with teller lines and big walls separating us from the customers.” Enter Kenneth Gruskin, president of Gruskin Group, an architectural firm, who has reworked five of First Atlantic’s […]

Robotic Safety Deposit Boxes

Has anyone actually seen this in action? It seems pretty cool. You access a secluded security room using an access card, PIN code or biometrics. Then once inside, you use your card or personal key to have your safety deposit box retrieved robotically. Gunnebo, one of the companies manufacturing robotic safety deposit boxes, suggests you […]

Two Banks Thwart the Same Robber Using Great Service

The employees working in a Seattle branch of First Mutual Bank recognized the man immediately. They’d seen his photo on a flier from the FBI and knew he was a suspect in previous bank robberies. Instead of waiting for the man to rob them, the bank’s employees snapped to action. But they didn’t trigger any […]

Is It a Branch? Or a Store? It’s Deutsche Bank’s Q110

Deutsche Bank built a revolutionary branch prototype back in 2005, something it named Q110. Besides being a gorgeous architectural statement, the branch is one of the most progressive you’ll see anywhere in the world, combining most — if not all — of the latest ideas and newest innovations in financial retailing. Before you read any […]

A High-Energy Branch from Numerica Credit Union

The transaction area features an open, dual-teller station and contemporary merchandising fixtures. A special area with tire-tread flooring was created in the lobby where a brand-new motorcycle (partially seen in the right photo) promotes the credit union’s “toy loans.” The kids’ area. Product merchandising displays. A brand feature made from a perforated metal background panel. […]

This Danish Bank Branch Is Beyond Cool

In the Danish market, Jyske Bank has introduced a whole new way of delivering financial services, using the theme “Jyske Differences.” Jyske says its “blazing new trails in interior design” with its branches, something that’s hard to argue with after you watch this video: Jyske’s bank of the future is as imaginative as what Umpqua […]

Bank Branch Robbery Statistics for 2008

Here’s the FBI’s latest data on robberies of financial institutions for the first three months of 2008. Type of Institution Robberies % Commercial bank 1,399 87.2% Mutual savings bank 32 1.9% Savings and loan 41 2.6% Credit union 132 8.2% TOTAL 1,604 100% Mode of Robbery # Demand note used 947 Firearm used 405 Handgun […]

Delta Community Unveils New Branch Design

Delta Community Credit Union has just completed construction on its latest branch in Newnan in Georgia. The spacious and open floor plan features high, sweeping ceilings and few enclosed offices. Interior view of Delta Community Credit Union’s latest branch in Newnan, Georgia. Level 5’s conceptual rendering of the project. Pretty accurate depiction, don’t you think? […]

Chebanca! Italian for ‘Cool Bank Branch Design!’

This branch design for Italian bank Chebanca! is about as radical a departure as you can get from the hallowed walnut-and-mahogany themes of yesteryear. Ultra-clean, über-contemporary, high-tech and super-light merchandising. The bank has a special link off the homepage of their website. The bank says, “Che Filiali! La rete territoriale di CheBanca! si compone sia […]

How to Build Relationships with Bank Branch Avoiders

Be honest. If you didn’t work in the financial services industry, how often would you step foot in a branch? So how can financial institutions build relationships with those who prefer avoiding branches as much as possible? Here’s four ideas to get you started. Pick up the phone Many financial institutions use MCIF and other […]

The Bank Branch ‘Convenience’ Paradox

Filene just released an interesting study called “Who’s Joining Credit Unions.” Of particular interest is data that suggests a paradox between how people feel about branches and how they actually use them. While credit union members think they need a branch nearby, the data tells a different story. According to the report, the majority of […]

Credit Union Branch Concept Features Café and Dialogue Pods

With the christening of its latest branch, Augusta Metro Credit Union, introduced a new retail prototype boasting a more open and spacious floor plans and a wide range of the latest features. Four paired teller pods, something Augusta Metro calls “dialogue banking” pods, have replaced the traditional row of tellers. Instead, customers are met by […]