Webinar: Customer Experience Blind Spots in Retail Banking


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Customer experience (CX) has become a key competitive differentiator for banks. Like many industries, banks have become adept at capturing and acting on customer feedback in their voice and digital channels. But one very important channel is missing – the branch. Secondly, non-customer facing functions can greatly impact CX – such as errors and delays in the back office. So how can banks create a holistic view of the voice of the customer and the operational factors impacting not only CX, but costs too?

With a Customer Engagement Platform, banks and credit unions can capture and unify customer feedback with interaction and operational data from across the enterprise. Participants will learn:

  • The challenges of capturing feedback in the branch and measuring the impact back-office can have on CX
  • How to create a complete picture of customer sentiment across the entire customer journey
  • Additional ways to improve CX in the branch and back office

In this on-demand webinar with Verint’s Go-to-Market Strategy Experts Nicole Nevulis and Juan Cabrera, you’ll learn how creating a holistic view of the customer journey, from digital to voice to in-person and back office, can help drive higher NPS, CSAT and greater customer engagement.

Key Takeaways:

  • Do you know your CX blind spots?
  • Is timely and relevant in-branch CX data part of your customer journey picture?
  • How many customer inquiries are caused by errors or delays in your back office?
  • Learn how to answer these questions and more.

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