Bank Branch Robbery Statistics for 2008

Here’s the FBI’s latest data on robberies of financial institutions for the first three months of 2008.

Type of
Robberies %
Commercial bank 1,399 87.2%
Mutual savings bank 32 1.9%
Savings and loan 41 2.6%
Credit union 132 8.2%
TOTAL 1,604 100%
Mode of Robbery #
Demand note used 947
Firearm used 405
Handgun 381
Other firearm 26
Other weapon used 25
Weapon threatened 702
Explosive device used or threatened 52
Oral demand 875
Vault or safe theft 18
Deposit trap 3
Till theft 24
Type of Area Robberies %
Metropolitan 809 49.3%
Suburban 250 15.2%
Small city or town 545 33.2%
Rural 37 2.3%

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems were installed and maintained in 96.2% of all institutions robbed. Of those, they were activated 92.7% of the time, meaning that in 61 robberies the alarm wasn’t activated. Thirteen times an alarm was activated but it didn’t work.

Key Question: In this day and age, how can any bank or credit union not have an alarm system (that works)?

Surveillance Cameras

Cameras were installed in all but 23 institutions that were robbed. In 44 instances, cameras were installed but not activated. Seven times cameras were installed but failed to capture the crime.

Loot Taken: $16 million

Loot Recovered: $2.3 million

Key Takeaways:

  • The presence of anti-robbery measures only reduces robberies — it does not prevent them.
  • Anti-robbery systems do not work all the time.
  • Expect robberies to increase sharply as the economy worsens.

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