The Future of Bank Branches

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“The Future of Branches” is another presentation by Jeffry Pilcher, Publisher of The Financial Brand and President/ICONiQ. It takes a look at trends in retail branch design, and examines the best practices for engineering a branded financial environment. The presentation features 50 photos and dozens of examples. Here’s a summary of the main points.

  • With your next branch, be deliberate, strategic and intentional.
    Don’t just do “what you’ve always done.”
  • You need to build your branch around interactions, not transactions.
  • Think like a retailer. Move from “fortresses” to “stores.”
  • Cross-sell your financial products and services.
  • Think in terms of retail zones. Create retail destinations.
  • Create brand theater.
  • Have a retail street presence.
  • You can create a secure environment without compromising your retail focus…
    and without turning into Fort Knox.
  • Make it enjoyable.
  • Make it memorable.
  • Differentiate.

“The Future of Branches” is one of four presentations available from The Financial Brand that have been built specifically for financial institutions. The other three presentations include “The 7 Deadly Branding Sins,” “Results 2.0,” and “The 11 Cs of Breakthrough Brands.”

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