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Digital Marketing: Credit Union’s Microsite Says ‘Boring Is Sexy’

“Boring is sexy these days,” says Montana 1st Credit Union on its promotional microsite, The credit union’s agency, iDiz, cleverly used the promo’s URL as the campaign catchphrase — The word “sexy” isn’t something you see in financial marketing very often, nor the color pink. The attention-grabbing combination is very unexpected. If you’re […]

Bank Streams Live Rock Concerts In Online Banner Ads

Dexia Bank, serving France and the Netherlands, has done two of the most innovative things you may ever see in financial services marketing. First, they have targeted a Gen-Y audience with live rock concerts streamed in the bank’s banner ads (more on that in a moment). Second, they’ve set up a whole separate bank, Axion, […]

SunTrust’s Holistic Life Lessons at Website

As part of SunTrust’s ongoing “Live Solid, Bank Solid” branding campaign, the bank has launched, a large-scale financial education website. takes “a holistic approach” to people’s “overall well being,” offering advice on personal interests and managing one’s finances. SunTrust describes the website as “an online resource center to help people navigate the intersection […]

‘Find Me a Banker’: A Website That’s Like for Banking

Reviewed and written by Jeff Stephens, CEO/Creative Brand Communications In the summer of 2009, Bank of Utah knew one of its competitors, a community bank with many business customers, was struggling and facing likely action from the FDIC. Bank of Utah saw an opportunity to capture new business from the anticipated fallout, and thus was […]

Fighting Axe Grinders and Their Online Vendettas

The Scenario Someone feels they’ve been mistreated by your financial institution. They’re pissed off, so they launch a hard-hitting online vendetta against you, centering around a new blog or website. They pull no punches, bitterly and ferociously ripping into you. They keep pushing your buttons trying to get a response. If/when thtey do get a […]

Members Help Members in USAA’s Online Website Forum

Reviewed and written by Jeff Stephens, CEO/Creative Brand Communications San Antonio-based USAA Savings Bank, which provides financial services to military personnel and their families, recently ended two months of weekly sweepstakes to promote their new Member 2 Member forum. Within USAA’s website, members can use the Member 2 Member forum to ask and answer questions, […]

‘Cash In’ With a TV Commercial Contest

Servus Credit Union, the third largest in Canada, has just about wrapped up its “Cash in with Your Camcorder” promotion, a make-your-own-TV-commercial contest highlighting the financial institution’s signature Young & Free Chequing Account. The promotion is part of the credit union’s Young & Free Alberta initiative, a broad, multi-year “challenge marketing program” from Currency Marketing […]

First Direct Website Delivers Transparency and Honesty

  First Direct, the UK internet/telephone bank and subsidiary of HSBC, is leveraging its positive word of mouth reputation with a new microsite, First Direct Live, that highlights people’s sentiments about the bank — both good and bad. The Marketing Communications Manager for First Direct, Natalie Cowen, says the microsite is “a very open and […]

Do your banking customers have a 'bank addiction'? Addison Avenue FCU is targeting those who may have a problem in its marketing campaign.

Beneficial Ads Push 3rd-Party Spending Analyzer

In an effort to get savers and spenders to look at a bigger financial picture, Beneficial Bank is asking people “What would you do if you knew where your money was going?” Beneficial is offering Intuit’s FinanceWorks free to all customers. The application provides online viewing and analysis of financial data from all (not just […]

Trend Alert: Online Financial Makeover Reality Contests

This year, credit unions across the country are offering “savings challenges,” reality-based contests in which selected finalists compete to achieve specific savings and debt reduction goals (see 8 examples below). Participants work with a financial planner on a set of realistic yet ambitious financial goals. Over the next 10-12 months, their ongoing progress is made […]

Online Anniversary Promo Nets $5 Million in New Deposits

SharePlus Bank in Plano, Texas just celebrated its 50th anniversary with a $50,000 promotion that netted 500 new customers and generated over $5 million in new deposits. Note: The grand prize cost the bank an average of $100 per new customer. The 1950s-themed promotion which ran during August, included a promotional direct mail piece with […]

Welcome to Blingola

“Welcome to Blingola,” an imaginary world where everyone has “all the happiness in the world,” courtesy of their Virgin Money credit cards. With headlines like “The land of milf and honeyz,” you’re probably thinking this campaign is a joke. It isn’t. These ads are fo’real cuz. (Click to enlarge) Apparently in South Africa, where these […]