SunTrust’s Holistic Life Lessons at Website

As part of SunTrust’s ongoing “Live Solid, Bank Solid” branding campaign, the bank has launched, a large-scale financial education website. takes “a holistic approach” to people’s “overall well being,” offering advice on personal interests and managing one’s finances.

SunTrust describes the website as “an online resource center to help people navigate the intersection of life and money.” Visitors can access tools to budget effectively, teach children about money, learn about retirement planning, or discover ways to balance life and manage stress. is a robust website providing hundreds of tools, calculators, articles, guides, videos, audio recordings and tips to help consumers make smart financial decisions.


A financial education website with tips, tools,
calculators, videos, audio recordings and guides.

The menu categories used in’s main navigation scheme are matched to people’s interests and lifestages:

  • My Well Being – Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle, Enjoying Down Time
    Finding Life Balance, Managing Stress
  • My Money – Setting a Budget, Shopping Smart, Getting Out of Debt, Planning for Life’s Surprises, Managing Work & Benefits, Financial Tools
  • My Relationships – Getting Married, Managing Family & Finances, Building Better Relationships
  • My Retirement – Planning for Retirement, Entering Retirement
  • My Future Plans – Buying a Car, Buying a Home, Planning a Vacation, Building a Career
  • My Children – Starting a Family, Parenting Effectively, Teaching Kids About Money, Tackling College & Tuition


suntrust-college-grid suntrust-college-chart

One of more than 100 calculators, including “How much home can I afford?”
“How can I pay down my debt?” “How can I budget for a vacation
and other unforeseen expenses?”

The website includes an RSS feed and links to SunTrust’s Facebook fan page and Twitter account. There are also a few links in the website’s footer pointing back to SunTrust’s main website.

“The enables people to benefit from experts and also connect with and share information with other people experiencing the same life situations,” said Rilla Delorier, CMO/SunTrust. “We urge people to visit and join the conversation on the Internet, Facebook and Twitter.”

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