Webinar: Perks, Potholes and Pitfalls: Marketing in the Digital Age


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As digital innovation continues to alter the consumer marketing landscape, financial services marketers must embrace the transformation by adopting new strategies and methods to meet the changing needs of consumers.

Learn the important initial steps in using digital marketing technology to meet consumer demand for precise, private and personalized financial services engagement.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How data-driven personalization is revolutionizing digital marketing engagement
  • Privacy’s fundamental shift to cookie-less marketing and how it affects hyper-targeted digital advertising
  • The risk and reward effects of CRA and fair lending on digital marketing
  • Why relevance is key to a successful digital marketing strategy

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Charlie Arcella

Charlie leads the omni-channel finance partnerships team at Vericast. His expertise is developing effective marketing programs for financial institutions, focused on leveraging the right channels at the right time to reach the right in-market customers for deposits or loans.

Charlie Arcella

Lisa Nicholas

Lisa specializes in marketing and digital transformation for the financial services industry.  She has worked with companies to transform their marketing, sales, lending, branches, and operations, focusing on leveraging technology and data for an omnichannel strategy.

Lisa Nicholas



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