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Cracking the Customer Code: Marrying Emotion and Tech to Maximize ROI

Understanding how and why consumers make decisions — and how rapidly changing technology has changed the way people engage with financial products — is key to forming a cogent growth strategy for bank marketers.



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Online Anniversary Promo Nets $5 Million in New Deposits

SharePlus Bank in Plano, Texas just celebrated its 50th anniversary with a $50,000 promotion that netted 500 new customers and generated over $5 million in new deposits. Note: The grand prize cost the bank an average of $100 per new customer. The 1950s-themed promotion which ran during August, included a promotional direct mail piece with […]

Welcome to Blingola

“Welcome to Blingola,” an imaginary world where everyone has “all the happiness in the world,” courtesy of their Virgin Money credit cards. With headlines like “The land of milf and honeyz,” you’re probably thinking this campaign is a joke. It isn’t. These ads are fo’real cuz. (Click to enlarge) Apparently in South Africa, where these […]

Integrated Luxury Brand with Lush Branch, Gorgeous Website

Every now and then, there’s a bank that really understands the importance of having an integrated brand supporting a narrow focus on a specific audience. Goldwater Bank, targeting upscale residents in the posh retirement mecca of Scottsdale, Arizona, is such a bank. Their website is a visually lush and stunning reflection of the bank’s equally-impressive […]

Forum Credit Union Sponsors Indianapolis Colts Online ‘Fan Forum’

FORUM Credit Union in Indiana is sponsoring the Indianapolis Colts’ ‘Fan Forum,’ linked off of a banner ad on the team’s official NFL website (left-hand column). The forum has some impressive numbers to offer. The main forum has over 400 “threads” (basically “separate discussions”), where users have contributed their thoughts almost 10,000 times. Fans talk […]