Regions Bank Hopes Consumers LOVE to SAVE

Looking to capitalize on Americans newfound infatuation with personal savings, Regions Bank has launched a new savings initiative, most notably including TV ads and a “Save with Regions” microsite.

The campaign’s main visual hook is undeniably similar to Robert Indiana’s “LOVE” sculpture. Even the typeface was carefully chosen to match the pop icon’s design.

The sculpture stacks large, slab serif letters “LO” on top of “VE,” with the O canted sideways. The letters are red on their faces and blue on their sides. Robert Indiana’s “LOVE” sculpture is installed in numerous locations around the world, but is probably best known as the centerpiece of Love Park in Philadelphia. Originally a design for a Christmas card in 1964, the “LOVE” sculpture was first exhibited in New York in 1966. This particular picture is of the New York installation (notice the BofA in the background).

The microsite has three main sections:

  1. Personal Savings Review — After asking you three questions — what deposit products you currently have, which services you currently use (like online banking), and in what ways you are currently saving — Regions suggests what products you might want.
  2. Savings Tips & Advice — This section includes three articles, one of which is “5 Easy Tips to Save Money on Laundry.” There’s also advice for people in various lifestages (e.g., “Starting Out,” “Empty Nester”).
  3. Savings Game — You get 60 seconds to catch as many falling piggybanks, coins, dollars and APYs as you can in this Flash-based game. There are no obstacles or penalties, just grab everything you can. (The Financial Brand’s high score: $16,631.77.)

Not much strategy to playing this game, but it can be kind of fun and has some replay value. The game’s visual concept — a savings “jar” that catches valuable items — is certainly relevant, but there isn’t much of a point to catching piggybanks and cash. It’s not much more than an entertaining diversion that may lure folks into “interacting with the brand.”

There are a few other sections of the microsite. “Quick Tips” offer more ideas for saving time, saving money and saving for the future. The “Products” section breaks down all the various savings products out there in an interesting system. You may be a “Beginner Saver,” “Intermediate Saver” or “Advanced Saver” depending on which- and how many savings products you have.

The campaign has its own slogan: “Save time. Save money. Save for the future.” Regions’ brand tagline is “It’s time to expect more.”

This ad campaign comes on the heels of Regions last big ad push for it’s “LifeGreen” checking and savings product.

The campaign is the work of Region’s ad agency, Luckie & Co.

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