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Banks’ Digital Marketing Hyperopia

Don’t bother looking it up. Hyperopia is a term that refers to far-sightedness–for the purpose of this blog post, it’s important to know that it’s the opposite of myopia. Myopia being the term used by Kevin Tynan, CMO of Liberty Bank for Savings, in an editorial in American Banker titled Banks Have a Case of […]

PwC Data on Banking in 2020

PwC released an excellent report recently, titled Retail Banking 2020: Evolution or Revolution? Reading through the report triggered some thoughts:  PwC: Fewer than 20% of (banking) executives feel well-prepared for the future. My take: The other 80% told the truth. ———– PwC: 70% of global bank executives believe it is very important to consider how […]

The Myopia in the Banking Industry

The path to success in banking isn't about moving money faster. It's about developing products and services to help the next generation.

43 Retail Banking Myths

40 global financial services leaders provide 43 myths and misconceptions in retail banking that banks and credit unions should know about.