Webinar: Preparing to Survive the Storm of Delinquent Accounts


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This year is proving to be one in which delinquencies will be hitting a record high. In the first three months of 2023, some credit unions and community banks have seen their delinquency rate increase up to 3x. What can your financial institution do about it?

Join Tim Pranger, VP of Product and Strategy at Eltropy, and Jim Marous as they explore the state of collections in our space, and what financial institutions like yours can do to combat delinquencies.

What You’ll Learn:

    • A roadmap of what’s caused this spike and what financial institutions should anticipate in the coming months
    • Why an integrated digital communications strategy is so important for your collections department
    • Hear from financial institutions like yours on how they are using integrated digital communications to decrease their delinquencies without having to increase staffing
    • Discover how to deliver a win-win solution for consumers and agents

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