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Covid-19 Provides Wake-Up Call for Cloud Banking

Has your bank or credit union tried out cloud computing? It's a critical part of the digital transformation journey for financial institutions, says IBM's Global Chief Technology Officer and Margaris Ventures' Spiros Margaris.

How Citi Maintains Customer Loyalty During a Pandemic

Covid-19 hit the banking industry hard, particularly with loyalty and reward programs. Citi's U.S. Consumer Bank Chief Marketing Officer Mary Hines talks through what her team did to revolutionize loyalty program interactions during this time.

Four Seismic Shifts Impacting the Future of Banking

BANKING PODCAST GUEST: Nancy Giordano, Strategic Futurist, Corporate Strategist and Keynote Speaker June 16, 2020 The banking industry had been warned for decades to become more innovative, transform to digital, embrace new technologies and become more aware of consumer and societal needs. Rather than moving forward, many organizations hesitated due to cost, the desire to stay the course, or even ‘intentional blindness’. Unexpectedly, however, the world was disrupted by COVID-19 pandemic that required digital engagement, and more recently a social pandemic centered on racial equality, diversity and inclusion. These events created four seismic shifts in awareness and behavior that are reshaping our understanding of business, society, technology and ourselves. We are joined today by Nancy Giordano, strategic futurist, founder of Play Big, Inc. and co-founder of the Femme Futurists Society. In the episode, Nancy discusses how the recent confluence of pandemics have impacted the future of work, our perspective on social inequities, changes in consumption and our understanding of ourselves.