Profiles in Leadership: Discussion with Megan (Caywood) Cooper



FEATURING: Megan (Caywood) Cooper, Chief Product Officer at ClearBank

I’m so pleased to welcome Megan (Caywood) Cooper, newly appointed Chief Product Officer at ClearBank, to the Banking Transformed podcast. Boasting experience across startups, big banks, and platforms, Megan provides a unique insider lens, having helped disrupt finance firms of all sizes from the inside out.

We’ll hear about her professional journey and the difference between fostering innovation at industry stalwarts versus scrappier upstarts. Megan will also share her wisdom around the ongoing challenges women leaders face in finance along with how she achieves work/life balance while raising a family.

Finally, Megan shares what excites her about the industry’s trajectory and why she sees abundant opportunities still ahead as finance continues transforming.

Prefer to read the conversation? Check out the edited Q&A here.

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