Chase Launches Massive Ad Campaign

Chase What Matters Most campaignChase plans to spend $70 million in the next two and half months on the new “Chase What Matters Most” campaign.

The ads, in black and white, will promote the bank’s range of services including credit cards, student loans, retail banking, overdraft and fraud alerts.

In this NY Times article, Hayes Roth, the chief marketing officer at Landor Associates, a brand strategy firm, says “The promise of the bank experience is much like the promise of the airline experience. There is a lot of lovely talk — we’re here for you — but I don’t think anyone believes it.”

Reality Check: According to the article, “Consumers are increasingly anxious about their finances and skeptical of the customer-service sales pitch.”

Key Takeaway: The NY Times said it best. “Standing out from the pack is hard to do in banking; other than the interest rate, there is little difference between mortgages and home equity loans.”

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