Credit Union Times Recaps 2007 Name Changes

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From the Credit Union Times:

  • Credit Union Central Falls became ‘Navigant
  • Honolulu City & County Employees FCU became ‘Aloha Pacific
  • Colorado State Employees Credit Union became ‘Credit Union of Colorado
  • MacDill FCU became ‘Grow Financial FCU
  • BCBSM Federal Credit Union became ‘Bluestone FCU
  • WCTA Federal Credit Union became ‘Reliant
  • Searles Lake Community Federal Credit Union became ‘Desert Valleys
  • Bayer Federal Credit Union became ‘Inova
  • Georgia Telco Credit Union became ‘Georgia’s Own CU
  • Vantage Financial Credit Union became ‘Reward One CU
  • EMSBLA Credit Union became ‘Empower
  • BN West Credit Union became ‘MilePost

They missed a few that we caught here at The Financial Brand:

  • Pittsburgh Teachers Credit Union became ‘Riverset
  • Newport News Shipbuilding Employees Credit Union became ‘BayPort
  • St. Charles Borromeo FCU became ‘Unity Catholic
  • Brunswick Employees became ‘Port City Credit Union
  • Georgia Pacific Toledo Employees FCU became ‘Pacific Spruce

That’s at least 17. There’s probably at least a dozen more that went unnoticed and/or unreported. As of August 2007, CUES was reporting 21 name changes. This compares with 92 in 2005, and 48 in 2006.

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