Datahead: Facts on TV and Online Financial Ads

A study by Bigresearch says this is what people do when TV commercials come on:

  • 41.2% of viewers take a peak at what’s on other channels
  • 33.5% talk with others in the room or by phone
  • 30.2% mentally tune out
  • 5.5% pay attention to commercials

TV’s influence on consumers to purchase products declined, whereas new media options such as web radio, satellite radio, instant messaging and blogging all increased.

The report said also said that people’s consumption of more than one medium at a time is up as much as 35%.

Key Question: If people are tuning out to TV commercials, are they paying attention to online ads?Speaking of online advertising, it seems the financial industry is leading the way:

Online ad spending by industry

Online ad spending by financial institutions

According to, “financial services industry dominance of online ad spending is clearly in question for 2008:”

“The December 2007 industry online ad spending data are something of a last gasp,” said David Hallerman, senior analyst at eMarketer. “Those ads were contracted last fall, and the outlook has changed considerably since then.”

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