Gen-Y CU staffer defines financial branding perfectly

Never mind that the author of this blog post is only 21, this kid nails it:

“The best way to draw people in is to show how you are different from a bank; rate and fee changes aren’t going to do that.”

His step-by-step advice is elegant in its simplicity:

  1. The first step is to figure out who it is you serve.
  2. Once you know who exactly you are serving, you’ve got to figure out exactly what they want.
  3. Once you have that information, change is required. Otherwise, what use is it to collect all this information if you just say you support your field of membership without actually shifting your position to serve those people?

Bottom Line:

“Don’t be afraid to be different. If you do something different in a way people can see, it will draw more eyes…to your credit union.”

Tip of the Hat: To Andy LaFlamme, employee of Maine State Credit union, publisher of The CU Loop, and author of this post. His succinct articulation of many ‘Fundamental Theorems of Branding’ is simple and straightforward.

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