Branch Design 101

“Nothing will sour a member’s experience more quickly than waiting in line for a service you provide in another part of your branch.”
— Greg Gray, IBT

An article on branch design from CUNA’s Credit Union Magazine offers these very practical insights on shaping your brand experience:

  • Experiences don’t just happen — you must plan them
  • To create a true experience, you must incorporate physical and emotional aspects
  • Concierge stations provide a friendly, personal, and informative interaction point
  • You can give people the information they need without creating the “hard sell”
  • Use vibrant, informational wall graphics and semi-private seating areas to create sales areas

The article also reminds readers about the importance of exterior signage, ample parking, and especially retail merchandising.

“Too often credit unions take for granted that members are aware of and understand what products are available,” says Greg Gray, the article’s author.

The article includes a number of suggestions for features such as kids areas and branded refreshments.

Read the whole article here.

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