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Branch Showcase: GE Money Bank | Red Canoe | AK-47s

Enjoy this portfolio of nine innovative facilities and branches from banks and credit unions around the world. GE Money Bank – Czech Branch This branch for GE Money in Czechoslovakia by design firm IDEO features a welcome counter, learning library, self-service zone, transaction area, kids play sets, and “coves” for private meetings. The branches use […]

Q&A: Integrated Social Media + Financial Marketing

The Financial Brand sat down with Tim McAlpine, president and creative director of Currency Marketing, to talk about integrated social media marketing for financial institutions. As one of the financial industry’s most accomplished and well-respected social media marketers, Tim’s firm has developed a number of successful programs targeting niche groups, including the renowned Young & […]

Why Chase Bank Killed WaMu’s ‘Occasio’ Retail Branch Concept

It’s been known for months that JP Morgan Chase planned to replace Washington Mutual’s innovative retail branch design with a much more traditional model. Now that the changes are actually being implemented, the failed thrift’s approach to branching is again being called into question. In a recent Wall Street Journal story, Charles Scharf, the CEO […]

Integrated Luxury Brand with Lush Branch, Gorgeous Website

Every now and then, there’s a bank that really understands the importance of having an integrated brand supporting a narrow focus on a specific audience. Goldwater Bank, targeting upscale residents in the posh retirement mecca of Scottsdale, Arizona, is such a bank. Their website is a visually lush and stunning reflection of the bank’s equally-impressive […]