Branch Showcase: GE Money Bank | Red Canoe | AK-47s

Enjoy this portfolio of nine innovative facilities and branches from banks and credit unions around the world.

GE Money Bank – Czech Branch

This branch for GE Money in Czechoslovakia by design firm IDEO features a welcome counter, learning library, self-service zone, transaction area, kids play sets, and “coves” for private meetings. The branches use an electronic queuing system where customers register when they arrive, and a bank employee comes out and finds the customer when it is their turn.


ge-money-transaction-area ge-money-meeting-cove ge-money-welcome-desk

Red Canoe – Retail Branch

A collaboration between Weber Marketing Group (branch merchandising), EHS Design (architects) and Momentum (design build) resulted in this integrated retail branch experience. Note the teller “pods” in the transaction area.



red-canoe-tellers-tall red-canoe-interior-vertical red-canoe-interior-wide

Webster Bank

The merchandising experts at Brand Partners carried Webster Bank’s brand blue color throughout the space, helping to create an integrated experience involving several well-defined “zones”: exterior, ATMs, entry, welcome desk, lounge, transactions, and online stations.


webster-bank-interior webster-bank-personal-display webster-bank-rosies-place-display webster-bank-atms

Bank of Baghdad – AK-47s

Vision, a brand and branch consultancy in the Middle East, incorporated a “Welcome Desk” for the Bank of Baghdad that conceals “security equipment” — a thinly veiled euphemism for “AK-47s”…four of them.


The Cooperative Bank

International design firm i-am associates designed this bank’s branches to be green, professional, efficient, fluid, curvaceous and “sensual.”



Delta Community – Headquarters Office

The HQ for this $3.5 billion credit union is stylishly designed without feeling expensive. Seems like it would be a nice place to work.


delta-community-office-collage delta-office-workspace delta-community-office-posters delta-community-simon-head delta-office-stools

Sugamo Shinkin Bank – Colorful Blocks

For this bank’s 43rd branch, Emmanuelle Moureaux redesigned the bank’s entire brand image including the branch interiors, façade, logo, graphics, signage and brochures — all built on squares.

sugamo-shinkin-exterior sugamo-shinkin-interior

Alta Vista – Branch Design

Another branch from the partnership between Weber Marketing Group, EHS Design and Momentum. The new environmental merchandising designs for Alta Vista’s program were based on the credit union’s existing brand.


Velocity Credit Union – Curvy Branches

Clark Mente Architects designed this branch with lots of curves; high, open, industrial ceilings; and modern, contemporary stylings.

velcocity-exterior velocity-interior

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