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Why Did Fintech Stumble?

For all its meteoric growth, fintech was beset by five critical weaknesses. The winners in the next round must overcome them all. Learn more in the second part of this three-part series.

An Innovation Mindset is Needed in Payments

Consumers are growing more fond of digital wallets and instant payments, BNPL and cryptocurrency as primary payment solutions. The financial institutions providing payments tech need to up their game, says i2c's head of product development for lending, Dan Hanks.

WeBank: A Model for the Future of Digital Banking

WeBank has over 300 million customers and 2.7 million small business banking with it. It's attracted customers through its use of AI, blockchain, big data, cloud computing and more, says chief information officer Henry Ma.

Financial Institutions Can No Longer Ignore Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are an ever-changing field, which looks risky to legacy financial institutions who are terrified of losing the security of a consumer wallet. But, cryptocurrency is an offering no financial institution can ignore, says Alkami's Stephen Bohanon and NYDIG's Patrick Sells.

The Future of Commerce Includes Digital Currency

Consumers want the ability to embed their digital currency trading into their banking apps. The technology necessary for that is at the fingertips of banks, says NCR's chief technology officer Tim Vanderham.