Bad Data Sells, Better Data Serves


Picture of Hossein Rahnama from FlybitsFEATURING: Hossein Rahnama, CEO and founder of Flybits

More than ever in the past, data and applied analytics is being used to transform business models and create more personalized, streamlined experiences tailored to the needs and preferences of consumers and businesses alike.

To compete in the future, banks and credit unions must be at the center of a good data ecosphere, serving as trusted data custodians, proving real-time value to customers. More importantly, financial institutions must give control back to the customer – so they can choose when to give up their data and for what purpose.

In this episode, Hossein Rahnama, CEO and Founder of Toronto-based Flybits, discusses how data can make relationships stronger by keeping data secure and using data responsibly – on the customer’s behalf.

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Flybits is the most advanced contextual engagement platform designed for the financial industry. It transforms data into experiences that build trust and preserve the privacy of individuals. So simple and accessible to use, Flybits empowers any employee to create and launch recommendations in minutes, at scale, turning a bank’s mobile channels into a destination beyond transactions.

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