Top 100 Credit Unions on Instagram Ranked by Most Followers

The top 100 credit unions using Instagram, ranked by most followers, including new Instagram followers added in the previous quarter and the number of all-time Instagram posts published. If you think your credit union should be listed here and it isn’t, please click here.


The top 100 credit unions on Instagram have nearly 500,000 followers on Instagram and the top 10 credit union comprise nearly half of those with 234,681 followers. The top 100 have an average of 4,945 followers and the median is 2,488.

In order for a credit union to make the top 100 on Instagram, they must hit the 1,514 threshold, which is up from 1,345 in the first quarter of 2021.

Key Fact: The top banks worldwide continue to drown out credit unions on Instagram, as their total Instagram followers total 11.5 million, which is nearly 23 times as large as the total number of the top 100 credit union Instagram followers.

The top 100 credit unions average 6 followers for every Instagram post. The top 100 credit unions nabbed an average of 253 new followers in the first 90 days of 2022, although the median number of new followers sat at 48.

All credit unions The Financial Brand tracks in its social media database averaged a 6:1 ratio for followers to accounts followed, meaning credit unions have to establish a balance of who they follow to maintain their own following. For comparison, banks have to follow far less Instagram users to pick up followers as they average 273 followers for every account followed.

Top 100 Credit Unions on Instagram in 2022

Last Updated: March 31, 2022.