Top 100 Banks on Instagram Ranked by Most Followers

The top 100 banks using Instagram, ranked by most followers, including new Instagram followers added in the previous quarter and the number of all-time Instagram posts published. If you think your bank should be listed here and it isn’t, please click here.

At the end of Q1 2022, the top 100 banks on Instagram had a combined 11.5 million followers on Instagram, adding 408,213 of those in the first three months of the year. These banks have 1.6 million more followers than they had a year prior, reflecting an annual growth rate of 16.5%.

It takes only 10,300 followers to crack into the top 100 banks on Instagram. Just 26 banks have more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, while the median is 45,150 followers.

Among the top 100, the average number of Instagram posts published is around 1,000. Interestingly, a bank averages 61 Instagram followers for every post it publishes on Instagram.

This 61:1 ratio of followers-to-posts on Instagram vastly overshadows the 3.5:1 ratio seen on Twitter (translation: banks get more followers from Instagram posts than tweets… but they also tweet a heck of a lot more often).

Key Fact: Banks have an average of 12 times as many Facebook followers as they have on Instagram, and about twice as many Twitter followers.

Top 100 Banks on Instagram in 2022

Last Updated: March 31, 2022.