Top 10 Most Popular Marketing Articles of 2015

2015 was a critical year in financial marketing. Budgets were significantly shifted to digital channels. More attention was spent on acquisition, advanced analytics, and onboarding. Here are the top 10 articles on The Financial Brand that financial marketers found most interesting.

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simplicity_revolution1. The Simplicity Revolution in Banking

Jeffry Pilcher, CEO and founder of The Financial Brand, explains why financial institutions need to build everything completely around making banking easier and saving people time.

social_media2. Nine Social Media Marketing Solutions for Banks & Credit Unions

Here’s how financial institutions should embrace and advocate for social media as an integral ingredient in their overall marketing mix.

wells_fargo3. Huge Cross-Selling Scandal Sends Warning to Entire Banking Industry

Federal and state investigations into Wells Fargo’s aggressive cross-selling culture could force other banks and credit unions to rethink their strategy.

google_comparison4. Google Gunning for Banks’ Mortgage Business

Google takes a big step into the home loan sector, with a comparison tool that lets consumers not only view ratings and read reviews for lenders, people can receive quotes and request a return phone call as well.

monopoly5. How Gamification Can Drive Real Business Results in Banking

Gamification in the financial services sector is not just a novelty or passing fad. Well considered and executed, it speaks to the base nature of just about anyone who likes a challenge and contest. Is your financial institution ready to play?

( Read More: Top 10 Most Popular Digital Banking Articles of 2015 )

2016_trends6. Five Digital Marketing Trends in Banking for 2016

Financial institutions are slow to change, but marketers must learn to pivot more quickly to keep pace. Here are five major forces driving digital channels in 2016, and how you’ll need to adapt.

millennials7. The Battle to Bank Millennials

A new generation of young and tech-savvy consumers have more choice and freedom than ever before. If banks and credit unions don’t help Millennials tackle their financial challenges, non-banks will.

social_media_fail8. Why Is Social Media Marketing Failing?

There are two predominant explanations for why social media marketing is failing in financial services: 1) poor execution, and 2) wrong strategic context.

responsive_design9. 25 Inspirational & Responsive Banking Website Designs

The next time you redesign your website, it absolutely must be responsive. Here are 25 ideas to get you started. Bookmark this gallery and save it for your next web transformation project.

digital_ad_spending10. Digital Marketing Budgets in the Banking Industry Set to Explode

As financial marketers shift their attention —and dollars— towards online and mobile channels, it’s clear digital advertising is the future. This exclusive report looks at the digital advertising trends that will be reshaping the banking the industry.

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