Welcome to Retail Banking Strategies

A personal message from Jim Marous about Retail Banking Strategies, a new section here at The Financial Brand.

When I launched my website, Bank Marketing Strategies, over four years ago, the financial services industry was a lot different than it is today. We were in the middle of a huge financial crisis, the first iPad was just introduced, and banking customers were still more likely to go to branches than to bank on mobile devices. But times have changed. And my website has evolved as well.

For the last two years, I’ve been talking with Jeffry Pilcher, publisher/founder of The Financial Brand about ways we could partner and work together. After careful planning and months of preparation, I’m pleased to announce that The Financial Brand will be my new publishing home. Effective today, I’ll be sharing my insights on the Retail Banking Strategies section of The Financial Brand. Articles from my previous site are in the process of being moved to this new location.

By combining forces, Jeffry and I will be able to dig deeper into the opportunities and challenges banks and credit unions face. While The Financial Brand will continue to deliver the marketing, branding and advertising coverage you’ve come to expect, Retail Banking Strategies will provide a deeper level of analysis and perspectives into the issues confronting CEOs, CMOs, COOs and retail banking leaders at financial institutions around the world such as:

  • Distribution strategies
  • Customer experience management
  • Online and mobile banking
  • Payments
  • Product development
  • Retail banking technology
  • Innovation
  • Sales/marketing strategies

Email Subscribers

If you were an subscribed via email to my posts at my previous website, don’t worry — you will continue to receive my posts via email. The new “Retail Banking Strategies” eDigest newsletter will be sent every other week, usually on Tuesday mornings. Similarly, if you are an existing email subscriber here at The Financial Brand, you have been also automatically been opted-in to receive this additional bi-weekly email.

If you’d rather receive only one email — either the “Marketing & Branding eDigest” or the “Retail Banking Strategies eDigest” (or neither) — you can manage your subscription preferences using the link at the bottom of every email newsletter you’ll receive.

Heartfelt Thanks

I want to thank all those who have read and shared the hundreds of posts I’ve written over the last four years. Your loyalty and readership has transformed my modest website with humble beginnings into one of the most popular online publications in the industry, with over 1 million pageviews annually. Without your continued support, the opportunity to launch Retail Banking Strategies at The Financial Brand would not have been possible.

I also want to thank the following people who have been instrumental in my journey:

Brett King, Ron Shevlin, Chris Skinner, Matt Wilcox, Deva Annamalai, Bradley Leimer, Rob Findlay and Scott Bales, I offer you my deepest gratitude. You are some of the foremost visionaries in the financial industry, and I consider myself the fortunate beneficiary of your insight and friendship.

To the many bloggers and tweeters who I communicate with regularly, your continuous encouragement and insight is also valued beyond measure.

And most of all I’d like to thank my wife, son and the rest of my family. If it weren’t for their patience, confidence and support, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Most sincerely, Jim Marous

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