1. “Branch is Dead,” and “Digital Deniers” are both right. Transactions and physical branches are less interdependent. It’s hard to justify much brick and mortar without the kind of traffic that will deepen and broaden the customer base. Banks are retailers now. Architects, designers and marketing departments can only play a supporting role in the cultural transformation — the unique, sustainable value proposition that will define the winners. CEOs should decide if they are building a strategy to abandon branches or one that will force competitors to abandon theirs. First out of Plato’s cave will have a monumental asymmetric opportunity.

  2. Jim – this is one of the best well reasoned articles I’ve read this year. The message of this article is so clear “What will help a bank or credit union achieve its mission?”. It’s all about the big picture and mission. Then, winning today and tomorrow. Consumers need solutions, not apps, technology or branches. They need credit to fund their lives and businesses. They need tools to make their money work for them. I don’t think consumers are buying branches or technology, but they are buying homes, cars, lines of credit, operating capital, and so forth. When we stop and think about it they are buying hope, and the future. Perhaps if we all took a step back, checked our egos and then made decisions on what really mattered then we could really now how to win.

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