14 ‘Branch of the Future’ Designs

As transactions in bank and credit union branches continue to decline, financial organizations are looking for new ways to use space, insert new technologies, provide cross-channel integration and create a better customer experience.

10. First Tech Credit Union Introduces Consultative Branch

Like many organizations, First Tech Federal Credit Union realizes that foot traffic is declining across the banking industry as customers turn away from traditional branches to online banking. They still believe that the bank branch remains a vital resource for customers, especially those seeking more complex banking products and services. That’s why First Tech is evolving the in-branch experience away from the teller row to be more consultative with a ‘Central Relationship Center’ akin to a lounge for more comfortable, collaborative interactions along with private member suites for the complex, private conversations.

“The most notable difference in the Bellevue branch design is that we’ve replaced the traditional teller row and new accounts desk environment with a central Relationship Center,” said Brad Calhoun, vice president, retail branches. “The Relationship Center is where our members and reps can grab a comfortable couch or stool together and conduct face-to-face conversations or transactions in a comfortable, collaborative, flexible environment. We’ve armed our financial reps with mobile technology that allow them to move with our members around the branch versus making our members come to us.”

The second key difference is the addition of four private Member Suites. Calhoun reports that First Tech members are increasingly managing routine transactions online and are more often visiting branches to discuss complex financial needs, such as home loans or investment portfolios.

Stephen Owen, First Tech’s chief retail and marketing officer. “To be a true partner, we believe we must transform from a servicing environment into a stronger consultative environment where we’re collaborating with our members, determining their needs and recommending solutions that help them move forward financially.”



11. Baoshang Rebrands Bank and Branch

In recent years, Baoshang Bank established the strategic vision of “To Become a Modern, World-Class and High-Quality Bank.” The bank was challenged, however, because it lacked in development of ideas and a positive brand experience.

To address these challenges, the bank worked with various agencies to formulate a new brand strategy with a logo and design system reflecting a modern and fashionable global image. Part of this redesign is reflected in the bank’s newest branch.

The new brand is helping in the Bank’s development and positioning within the industry and around the world.





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