14 ‘Branch of the Future’ Designs

As transactions in bank and credit union branches continue to decline, financial organizations are looking for new ways to use space, insert new technologies, provide cross-channel integration and create a better customer experience.

2. ING Pop-Up Store Gamifies Financial Education

ING Belgium and Flair Magazine opened a pop-up store, The Orange Store, around the theme ‘saving money.’ In the shop, a visitor could find a collection of summer accessories that were selected by Flair magazine. All items were orange (the color of ING). In the pop-up store, the visitor couldn’t buy any of the merchandise. But as long as the sales period lasted, they could win a favorite orange item by participating in a game about savings.

The items were from H&M, Urban Outfitters, Mango, Habitat, Marc Jacobs, Micheal Kors, Biotherm, Alessi, Ice Watch, Chanel, Dior, etc.

With this initiative, ING Belgium wanted to show anyone who visited the Orange Store the power of saving money. The gamification is around a fictional person Laura, who saves 200 euro every month. The key was to estimate how much each item costs and calculate how long Laura would have to save for that particular item.

A great integration of retail, gamification and financial education.






3. C1 Bank Gets Funky in South Florida

The St. Petersburg-based C1 Bank designed its first South Florida branch to make an immediate impact and reflect the art and design galleries and new developments around it. Forget teller lines – the wide-open space has a circular desk with a very unique black chandelier hanging above it. There’s a huge display of artwork on the wall behind it and a conference room full of Andy Warhol paintings … of Mick Jaggar! The main desk can even fold away, creating a large area for community and charitable events after hours.

Instead of meeting with bankers in offices or at desks, the C1 Bank branch has ‘pods.’ Similar to restaurant booths with round tables and soundproof glass, each pod creates a distinctive and casual setting for bankers to discuss business and open new accounts with a specially designed iPad app.

Adding to the uniqueness of this branch, safe deposit boxes are accessible behind a wall of bookcases – think a mysterious mansion. There’s even a shower in the branch! After hours, the interior of the branch glows in neon green.

C1 Bank has three more branches under development in South Florida where unique styling is expected to continue (while maybe not at as high of a level as the Wynwood branch). The Wynwood branch was designed by interior designer Rob Bowen, of Rob Bowen Design Group, and Lisa Wannemacher, of Wannemacher Jensen Architects, both from St. Petersburg.








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