Facebook + Financial Institution = Friends?

“A buttoned-down organization trying to look hip is like a 50-year-old drunk uncle at a wedding trying to dance with teenagers.”
— Charlotte Observer

An article in the Sunday edition of the Charlotte Observer entitled “Your Bank Wants to Be Your Friend” takes a skeptical look at financial institutions as they attempt to carve a presence on the popular social-networking site Facebook.

The story includes a couple of zingers, like, “Cancer walks are more inspiring than home equity loans,” and “a blogging band is cooler than a blogging bank.”

It’s not all negative. There’s also this advice to banks and credit unions pursuing a Facebook strategy:

  • Act like yourself.
  • Offer games, videos and contests not available on your regular website.
  • You must accept negative comments.

You can read the the whole story. Jim Bruene’s NetBanker is quoted.

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