15 of the Best Facebook Pages in Banking to Watch

Take a look at what some of the most aggressive and progressive financial institutions are doing on Facebook. If you’re looking for ideas and promotions for your bank or credit union, you’ll want to bookmark these pages and check them out regularly.

Facebook Pages 6-10 Facebook Pages 11-15

1. ASB Bank

Facebook Page: ASBBank
Likes: 88,378
Talking About: 1,220
Apps & Widgets: 9

ASB is one of the most progressive and courageous innovators on Facebook in the entire financial industry. They pioneered their Facebook “Virtual Branch” way back in May 2011, and rolled out mobile P2P Facebook payments in August 2012. ASB was the first bank in the world to tie a home loan rate to the number of Facebook ‘Likes’ they receive.


2. GT Bank

Facebook Page: gtbank
Likes: 1,428,443
Talking About: 12,625
Apps & Widgets: 12

GT is one of the most progressive banks on the African continent. Their Facebook page boasts a “Social Banking” section, a “Social Account Login” for account management, a tool for checking account balances and the ability to open accounts. It’s a lot easier for GT Bank to track the ROI of social when they make their Facebook page work as hard as they do.


3. FNB

Facebook Page: FNBSA
Likes: 426,429
Talking About: 6,921
Apps & Widgets: 16

FNB has one of the classiest, most consistently branded Facebook pages in banking. Their “FNB Social Banking” app is definitely worth a look.


4. Umpqua Bank

Facebook Page: umpquabank
Likes: 22,593
Talking About: 1,051
Apps & Widgets: 16

Umpqua is a perennial favorite of The Financial Brand, consistently pushing the envelope with its online branding initiatives. The bank’s currently lineup includes “The Good Project” (a philanthropic effort), “The Joy of Giving” (celebrating volunteers), a “Big Love for Small Business” promotion, and a “How Do You Give” fan participation campaign.


5. ING Direct Canada

Facebook Page: SuperStarSaver
Likes: 28,580
Talking About: 157
Apps & Widgets: 16

You can always count on ING Direct for interesting ideas and applications in any medium — social or otherwise. They have a nicely branded page stuffed with various tools and promotions: “Piggy Breaker,” “Refer a Friend,” “Calculators,” “Orange Snaps” (account balance tool), and “The Money Movement” cartoon.


Facebook Pages 6-10 Facebook Pages 11-15

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