Credit Union Scavenger Hunt Nearly Doubles Website Traffic

[Update: Belvoir FCU runs a website scavenger hunt every year. Here’s a link to the 2013 edition of the contest.]

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of its website redesign, Belvoir FCU hosted a virtual scavenger hunt. In its Web Hunt 2010 promotion, Belvoir FCU strategically placed what it calls “slice of life” icons — each correlating with a specific product or service — on pages throughout its website. Users who chose to participate had to register, then find all 9 “slices” to be entered in the contest’s drawing. The contest ran for 45 days.

Belvoir FCU says over 1,000 people participated in the web hunt. A total of 134,380 users visited the credit union’s website during the contest, representing an increase of almost 40,000 visitors compared with one year earlier. During the 45 days of Web Hunt 2010, a total of 255,284 pages were viewed, nearly double the site’s traffic at the time the redesigned website was launched.

Bottom Line: If you think your website is easy to use and navigate, here’s a great way to put that theory to the test. It’s an excellent example of how financial engaging can be engaging for consumers while achieving important marketing objectives for your financial institution. It’s a game. It’s fun. People will do what you ask of them — in this case, learn about your products and services — if you make it enjoyable and offer something in return.

  1. Read through the great prizes to see what you could be entered to win.
  2. Click the enter now button and fill out the registration form so we can properly identify our winners when the time comes. By filling out your contact information, you will also be able to sign back into the Web Hunt and pick up where your last session ended. Just in case you don’t want to search for all 9 life stages at the same time.
  3. After you complete your registration form, begin your search for “slice of life” icons throughout the Web site. These slices can be found on any page on’s site. Be sure to look high and low for all the icons.
  4. When you find each “slice of life,” the piece will illuminate with color. Then, simply click add to place the icon in your main pie chart full of life’s stages. Be sure to scroll over the icon to read valuable information!
  5. Once you have found all 9 slices and they are added to your life stage pie chart, you will be entered to win the above prizes. In addition, your pie chart can also link to various products that each life stage represents for more information. Good Luck!



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