It’s All Happening: Why The Financial Brand Forum 2024 Will Be the Most Important Ever

Forum Preview: The biggest and best conference in banking is just 14 weeks away. More than 3,000 leaders from innovative banking providers and fintechs will attend the Forum 2024. Why? For the unrivalled agenda delivering advanced strategies and actionable insights, provocative thought leadership and celebrity star power. Here's why you can't afford to miss it.

The Financial Brand Forum returns to Las Vegas, May 20-22. It’s not a moment too soon: 2024 is shaping up to be a critical and challenging year for the banking industry. Forces of disruption and dislocation abound — from fickle consumers to smart, agile competitors, tough operating conditions and shrinking margins, aggressive regulators and legislators. Not to mention the turbulence from what promises to be the most divisive presidential election cycle in recent history.

Faced with these challenges, many banking leaders may be tempted to keep their heads down and their powder dry, waiting for the storm clouds to clear.

That would be a mistake. A big mistake.

In sports, conventional wisdom says that defense wins championships. But this isn’t the case in business.

In fact, uncertain times are often the best opportunity to pursue growth. Your competitors will be distracted by their own challenges or mesmerized by the chaotic news cycle.

So, this year, the Forum 2024 agenda is specifically engineered to look past all the short-term turmoil and noise, with a laser focus on the strategies and tactics that will deliver maximum long-term growth and success.

You’ll learn how to pivot to offense, which will be critical to your survival in 2024 and beyond.

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Take a look at the Forum 2024 lineup, and you’ll see nothing but how-to sessions packed with innovative ideas, advanced strategies, best practices and actionable insights from the industry’s brightest minds.

Here is just a small sample of what you’ll learn:

  • The groundbreaking technologies and latest innovations in AI that are completely reshaping the future of banking.
  • Best practices and proven digital marketing strategies top-performing banks use to acquire more customers.
  • Innovative digital banking models and new growth strategies.
  • The secrets that the most progressive and successful banks use when building their strategic plans.
  • How to maximize deposits and grow customer relationships with data-driven strategies.

And we have gathered the best minds we could find to help us lead you on this journey. They include:

  • Dan Schulman, former CEO of PayPal, on the future of consumer banking and finance
  • Tia White, former head of machine learning at JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Capital One, now the GM for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning at Amazon
  • Scott Galloway, best-selling author, world-famous professor of brand strategy and digital marketing and one of the world’s most provocative voices in business
  • Mike Walsh, futurist and leading authority on disruptive innovation and artificial intelligence

Among many others.

Also appearing on the Forum 2024 mainstage this year, two featured celebrities:

  • Cindy Crawford, international supermodel and global business mogul who will share her branding secrets and management lessons,
  • Jim Gaffigan, comedian, actor, writer and producer, who will entertain our Gold Pass holders in a private performance opening night. Without a Gold Pass, you’ll miss it.

The three-day program at The Financial Brand Forum 2024 will feature more than 150 speakers in all, and over 90 hours of world-class educational content. Register now.

Highlights include:

HOW-TO PRESENTATIONS — 40 different growth-focused breakout sessions loaded with actionable insights, big ideas, advanced strategies and best practices from the brightest minds in banking. Topics span everything from CX and strategic marketing, to AI and digital channels!

LIVE DEMOS — See some of the most innovative fintechs in the industry demonstrate the very latest tools and new digital banking solutions live in-person.

INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS — Facilitated by the world’s foremost experts in their fields, these intensive masterclasses include courses on Strategic Planning, Innovation, Behavioral Science, AI, Digital Marketing and Brand Strategy.

FORUM UNIVERSITY — Explore the latest trends with renowned professors from two of the most prestigious business schools on earth.

FORUM X — Short, high-level strategic presentations with leading experts on artificial intelligence and strategic marketing, like TEDx for banking.

There’s more, much more and you can find it all on the Forum website.

It all kicks off in just 14 weeks.

Register now to reserve your place. Please sign up before February 22 when our Winter Discount rates expire.

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