Over 250+ PowerPoint Infographics For Financial Marketers

Need to make a presentation about strategy and trends in the banking industry? This downloadable collection includes over 250 different charts and graphs published by The Financial Brand in the past year.

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Every year, The Financial Brand creates hundreds of charts and graphs for inclusion in articles we publish. Over 250 of the best from last year have been packed into collection of PDFs you can download for free. This year’s PowerPoint Master Pack is our biggest yet — nearly double what we released in 2016.

Below is a list with all the different charts and graphs you’ll get in this year’s collection, followed by a visual preview that will give you an idea of what they look like. You can also download previous years’ collections.

These infographics make it convenient and easier for you to build powerful financial marketing presentations using any popular program — Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Macintosh Keynote, etc.

2017 Charts & Graphs Master Pack

256 files | 9.1 MB zipped | 18.9 MB extracted

2016 Charts & Graphs Master Pack
130 files | 4.8 MB zipped | 10.4 MB extracted

2015 Charts & Graphs Master Pack
210 files | 7.3 MB zipped | 7.5 MB extracted

2014 Charts & Graphs Master Pack
107 files | 8.1 MB zipped | 9.4 MB extracted

2013 Charts & Graphs Master Pack
120+ files | 6.6 MB zipped | 7.5 MB extracted

Millennials (33 files)

  • Credit Card Tools Millennials Want
  • Financial Goals Millennials Have Delayed Due To Student Debts
  • How Millennials Feel About Managing Their Money
  • How Millennials Interact With Their Primary Bank
  • How Millennials Respond To Negative Banking Experiences
  • How The Great Recession Affected Millenials Outlook on Money
  • Importance of Home Ownership to Millennials
  • Millennial Concerns About Bills and Credit
  • Millennial Engagement With Personal Finances
  • Millennial Interest in Mobile Payments
  • Millennial Profitability in the Banking Industry Over Time
  • Millennial Shopping and Switching Behaviors
  • Millennial Utilization of Mobile Banking Tools
  • Millennial Utilization of Social Media Platforms
  • Millennials Concerned About Debt
  • Millennials Digital Vision For The Future of Banking
  • Millennials Top Financial Goals
  • Millennials Who Have Never Written Checks
  • Mobile Banking Engagement Among Millennials
  • Mobile Banking Utilization Among Millennials
  • Mobile Wallet Options Millennials Prefer Most
  • One Third Of Millennials Open To Switching Banks
  • Percentage of Millennials Who Watch Video Content Daily
  • Percentage of Millennials With Auto Home or Student Loans
  • Reasons Why Millennials Live With Their Parents vs. Owning Their Own Home
  • The Great Recessions Impact on Millennials
  • Tools Millennials Want to Monitor Their Credit Scores
  • Type of Primary Financial Institution Used By Older Millennials
  • Type of Primary Financial Institution Used By Younger Millennials
  • What About Money Stresses Millennials Out Most
  • What Frustrates Millennials Most When Dealing With Banks
  • Where Millennials Get Their Financial Information
  • Why Millennials Will Consider Switching Banks

Branches & Channel Utilization (37 files)

  • Aggregate Number of Branches in the United States (2006 vs. 2016)
  • Aggregate Number of Branches in the United States Over Time
  • Average Number of Monthly Banking Interactions By Channel
  • Branch Activities Performed By Smartphone Users
  • Branch Lobby Wait Times in Minutes
  • Challenges to Deploying Video Banking
  • Change in Bank Branch Networks Over the Next 12-18 Months
  • Changes in Number of Branches By Asset Class
  • Channels Consumers Use To Resolve Banking Issues
  • Consumer Sentiment Towards Automated Branches
  • Consumers Last Visit to a Bank Branch
  • Consumers Who Prefer Branches
  • Consumers Who Would Schedule Appointments in Branches
  • Financial Institutions Attitudes Towards Video Banking
  • Financial Institutions Progress With Omnichannel Integration
  • Frequency of Branch Visits
  • Frequency of Channel Utilization
  • How Branch Visits Impact Consumer Satisfaction and Referrals
  • How Financial Institutions Feel Towards Various Video Banking Services
  • Importance of Physical and Digital Channels to Consumers
  • Likelihood of Avatars in Branches
  • Most Likely Video Banking Services To Be Offered
  • Net Branches Opened and Closed in the United States
  • Net Change in Number of Bank Branches in the US
  • New Service Delivery Options Consumers Want
  • Percent of Individuals Using Various Channels By Type of Interaction
  • Planned Branch Experience Improvements
  • Primary Reasons For Visiting Branches
  • Reasons Consumers Utilize Multiple Channels
  • Reasons Consumers Want Physical Branch Locations
  • Reasons Financial Institutions Will Deploy Video Banking Services
  • Reasons Why Consumers Will Still Use Branches
  • Reasons Why Financial Institutions Will Deploy Video Banking
  • Trends In Banking Channel Utilization
  • Use of Channel By Type of Interaction
  • When Financial Institutions Expect to Achieve Ominchannel Integration
  • Which Banking Channels Consumers Prefer

Marketing, Branding & Advertising (29 files)

  • Advertising Media Budgets vs. Consumer Time Spent in Each Channel
  • Challenges to Creating a Single View of Customers
  • Challenges to Marketing Personalization
  • Changes and Trends In Consumer Media Consumption
  • Click Through Rates For Online Display Ads
  • Consumers Who Say Their Financial Institutions Marketing Is Personalized
  • Data Used to Personalize Marketing Communications
  • Digital Video Ad Spending By Device
  • Financial Execs Saying That Marketing ROI Is Chanllenging
  • Financial Institutions That Could Improve Marketing ROI
  • Financial Institutions Top Three Marketing Challenges
  • Financial Institutions Who Quantify the ROI of Branding
  • Financial Institutions Who Struggle With Marketing ROI
  • Financial Marketers Concerned About Data Privacy
  • How C-Level Leaders In Banking Feel About Marketing
  • How Consumers Prefer to Receive Marketing Communications
  • How Data Is Increases Engagements and Marketing ROI
  • Issues Central to Success With Marketing Personalization
  • Last Time Consumers Responded to Direct Mail
  • Major Marketing Challenges In The Banking Industry
  • Marketers Biggest Challenges With Mobile Advertising
  • Marketing Attribution Models Used by Size of Organization
  • Percentage of Budgets Spent on Programmatic Advertising
  • Social Media Sentiment Towards Credit Unions
  • Success Rates With Measuring Marketing ROI
  • Top Marketing Priorities In The Banking Industry
  • Top New Marketing Technologies
  • Types of Data Marketers Say They Need
  • Who Are Your Best Brand Storytellers

Digital Banking Transformation & Innovation (31 files)

  • Barriers to Digital Transformation
  • Benefits of Collaborating With Fintech Companies
  • Benefits of Modernizing the Core Banking System
  • Business at Risk Due to Fintech Firms
  • CMO CIO Collaboration on Digital Transformation
  • Core Digital Competencies for CIOs
  • Core System Vulnerability in a Digital Banking Ecosystem
  • Factors Negatively Impacting Innovation at Legacy Financial Institutions
  • Financial Institutions Priorities For Digital Transformation Initiatives
  • Financial Institutions With a Chief Innovation Officer
  • Financial Sectors Most Likely To Be Disrupted By 2020
  • Five Characterstics of an Agile Bank
  • Four Types of Data Analytics Capabilities
  • Four Types of Digital Banking Consumers
  • How Financial Institutions Are Approaching Their Digital Transformation Strategy
  • How Financial Institutions Plan to Digitize Their Core
  • How Financial Institutions View Fintech Firms
  • How Non Traditional Players Will Impact Bank Profitability
  • Impact of Emerging Competition
  • Key Components For Digital Banking Transformation Projects in Banking
  • Key Factors to Success With Innovation Strategies
  • Major Challenges Financial Institutions Face With Core Banking Systems
  • Obstacles to Digital Maturity
  • Percentage of Banks With an Innovation Strategy
  • Relative Importance of Collaborating With Fintech Companies
  • Scope and Impact of the Fintech Threat
  • Top Digital Banking Strategies
  • Top Five Digital Transformation Initiatives
  • Trust in Traditional Institutions vs. Neobanks
  • Types of Robo Advice Consumers Are Willing to Receive
  • Who Should Own Digital Strategy

Customer Experience & UX (22 files)

  • Ability of Banking Providers to Offer Personalized Guidance and Advice
  • Benefits of Personalized Experiences and Content
  • Biggest Opportunities for Customer Experience Improvement
  • Channels Consumers Use to Research and Buy Financial Products
  • Consumers Banking Pain Points
  • Consumers Willing to Pay More for Help From a Real Person
  • Customer Experience Excellence – Reality vs. Perception
  • Data Consumers Will Share to Improve Banking Services
  • Difficulty Financial Institutions Face Getting Funding For CX Initiatives
  • Examples of Next Best Action Concepts
  • Exceptional vs. Frustrating Experiences With Banking Providers
  • Financial Institutions Ability to Predict Consumers Needs
  • Financial Institutions Providing a Personalized Experience
  • Financial Institutions With a CX Strategy That Includes Mobile
  • Financial Institutions With a Separate CX Department
  • How Banking Providers Will Improve the Customer Experience
  • How Consumers Rank The Service Experience By Delivery Channel
  • How Financial Institutions Rate Their Ability to Personalize the Experience
  • KPIs Used By Financial Institutions to Measure Their Customer Experience
  • New Financial Experiences Consumers Are Willing to Consider
  • Obstacles to Offering a Personalized Experience Facing Financial Institutions
  • When Financial Institutions Will Deploy Robo Advisors

Online & Mobile Channels (28 files)

  • Abandoned Applications Relative to the Amount of Time Spent
  • Ability to Open Peronsal Accounts in Mobile Channels
  • Average Duration of Visits to Digital Banking Channels
  • Average Satisfaction Scores For Mobile Deposit Services
  • Breakdown of Visits to Financial Institutions Websites
  • Consumer Utilization and Interest In Mobile Financial Management Tools
  • Consumers Who Have Downloaded Their Institutions Mobile App
  • Consumers Who Would Prefer to Complete Applications Entirely Online
  • Ease With Which Consumers Can Find Information On Banking Providers Websites
  • Financial Institutions Offering Mobile Account Opening
  • Financial Institutions Planning to Offer Customer Support in Mobile Channels
  • Financial Institutions Readiness to Sell Banking Products in Digital Channels
  • Mobile Account Opening Save and Resume Capabilities
  • Mobile and Digital Payment Providers Consumers Trust Most
  • Mobile Banking Activities Consumers Have Conducted in the Past 12 Months
  • Mobile Banking Alerts Consumers Receive
  • Mobile Banking Features That Interest Consumers Most
  • Mobile Banking Tools Used By Consumers in the Past 12 Months
  • Mobile Banking Usage By Customer Segment
  • Mobile Banking Utilization By Generation
  • Mobile Banking Visits Per Citizen Per Year By Device
  • Mobile Services Offered By Banking Providers
  • Online Application Time vs. User Experience
  • Peak Times for Mobile Banking Activity
  • Reasons Consumers Dont Use Mobile Payment Options
  • Reasons Why Consumers Abandon Online Applications
  • Reasons Why Consumers Do Not Use Their Banks Mobile App
  • Visits to Banking Websites By Day of Week

Switching & Acquisition (21 files)

  • Banking Providers With The Ability to Open Accounts Entirely Online
  • Channel Consumers Used To Open Accounts
  • Channels Banking Providers Use For Onboarding Programs
  • Channels Financial Institutions Use For Cross-Selling
  • Checking Accounts Opened By Channel By Type of Institution
  • Consumer Likelihood to Switch Banking Providers
  • Consumer Likelihood To Switch Banks In The Next Year
  • Consumer Propensity to Switch or Refer Banking Providers
  • Consumers Likely To Switch Banks By Age
  • Consumers Likely To Switch Banks By Country
  • Consumers Who Switched Channels While Opening An Account
  • Financial Institutions That Currently Have An Onboarding Process
  • How Consumers Typically Share Bills
  • How Financial Institutions Choose Which Products Are Marketed to New Customers
  • How Financial Institutions Rate Their Onboarding Programs
  • Methods Consumers Can Use to Open Checking Accounts
  • Number of Times New Checking Customers Are Contacted in First Six Months
  • Percentage of Checking Accounts Opened Digitally By Type of Institution
  • Primary Reasons Consumers Consider Switching Banking Providers
  • Reasons Why Consumers Selected Their New Banking Provider
  • Reasons Why Consumers Switch Banking Providers

Product Utilization & Engagement (16 files)

  • Average Number of Products Consumers Hold With Their Main Bank
  • Balances of Savings Accounts Held By All Credit Unions
  • Banks Overall Satisfaction With Their Loyalty Program
  • Communications Channels Used In Loyalty Programs
  • Consumers Who Will Refinance Their HELOC With Their Current Lender
  • Credit Card Penetration Rates By Age
  • Distribution of First-Time Homebuyer Mortgage Originations By Age
  • How Consumers Intend to Use Their Current HELOC
  • How Consumers Intend to Use Their Next HELOC
  • How Mortgage Rates Affect Visits to Banking Websites
  • Key Metrics For Loyalty Programs
  • Percentage of Consumers Carrying Credit Card Debt
  • Percentage of Various Age Groups With Credit Cards
  • Share of Total Transactiosn By Payment Type
  • Success With Objectives In Loyalty Programs
  • Top Objectives For Customer Loyalty Programs

Strategic Planning (11 files)

  • Areas Where Banking Providers Will Focus Their Strategy
  • Future Sources of Revenue Growth in Banking
  • Greatest Opportunities Facing Financial Institutions
  • Greatest Strategic Challenges Facing Financial Institutions
  • Most Important Trends For Financial Institutions in 2017
  • Percentage of Financial Institution Board Member With Technology Experience
  • Ranking of Top Budget Priorities for Financial Institutions By Channel
  • Strategic Initiatives Driving Technology Investments
  • Top Strategic Priorities for Financial Institutions in 2017
  • Ways Banking Providers Will Attract Deposits
  • Which Department Should Own The End-to-End Customer Journey

Consumer Sentiment & Preferences (18 files)

  • Consumer Attitudes Towards Adopting New Technologies
  • Consumer Awareness of New Digital Services
  • Consumer Payment Preferences
  • Consumer Perceptions of Large US Banks
  • Consumer Priorities in Retail Banking
  • Consumers Who Say Banking Providers Meet Their Expectations
  • Consumers Who Want Easier Banking Tools
  • Customer Experience After a Bank Merger or Acquisition
  • Gap Between Performance and Expectations Along 18 Attributes in Banking
  • How Consumers Feel About Trust Security and Fees
  • How Consumers Perceive Banks vs. Credit Unions
  • How Well Consumers Feel Their PFI Knows Them
  • Importance Consumers Place On Real-Time Customized Guidance and Advice
  • Level of Consumer Trust in Robo Advice
  • Mobile Wallet Options Consumers Will Consider
  • Reasons Consumers Trust Their Primary Financial Institution
  • Reasons Why Consumers Like Their Primary Banking Provider
  • Time Consumers Spend Managing Their Money

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