Join the AI Revolution at The Financial Brand Forum 2024

Forum Preview Artificial intelligence is rocking the financial industry, transforming nearly every aspect of banking, from marketing and CX to customer service and lending decisions. How can you strip away the hype and focus on the real-world AI strategies that will drive growth? The Financial Brand Forum 2024 has the answers, in dedicated workshops and how-to sessions devoted to the biggest issues in AI. Reserve your place by February 22, before the Winter Discount expires.

Look, we get it. You can’t go five minutes without some expert predicting how AI — Generative AI, in particular — is going to reinvent the world and retail banking along with it.

All the predictions, all the hype, all the warnings. They’re overwhelming, confusing, even a bit exhausting. Meanwhile, the pressure to keep up — externally from competitors, and internally among your own team — continues to build.

So what should you do? And how?

The Financial Brand Forum 2024 will help you cut through all the AI noise, by giving you the solutions and strategies that work now, not in the distant future. This year’s program features multiple deep, dedicated sessions led by industry leaders and experts who will show you how to set your AI priorities and execute a strategy that will deliver real-world impact in the coming year, not sometime in the next decade.

Our 2024 AI program includes:

Forum X: Tia White4

Learn about the future of machine learning in the banking sector from Tia White, who marries technical chops with a deep understanding of financial services. A former Sr. Executive Director for Machine Learning at Capital One, Head of Machine Learning at JPMorgan Chase, and the Director of Enterprise Database Engineering at Wells Fargo, White is now General Manager, AI/ML Marketing Intelligence at Amazon’s AWS, where she helps multiple Fortune 100 companies pioneer digital transformation.

AI Masterclass: Unlocking the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Ron Shevlin, Chief Research Officer, Cornerstone Advisors will lead an in-depth, three-hour workshop covering all the critical elements of artificial intelligence in banking — from predictive analytics and natural language processing to machine learning and generative AI — including practical strategies, ethical considerations, and future trends.

Harnessing the Potential of Generative AI in Banking

Vivek Jetley, EVP/Global Head of Analytics, EXL, will explore practical, real-world business applications and multiple use-cases of generative AI in consumer banking — optimizing customer interactions, streamlining processes, and enhancing decision-making. In this presentation, you will hear how Citibank and others are using generative AI applications to create operational and cost efficiencies, and improvements in customer service.

AI for Growth: Unleashing Data to Personalize, Predict & Profit

Rex Briggs, Chief AI Officer at Claritas, will detail how to remain competitive in today’s rapidly evolving landscape by successfully integrating AI into your growth strategy, including hands-on, applicable marketing strategies like “next best product” recommendations, cross-selling, and upselling, personalize interactions, improve customer satisfaction, and foster deeper connections.

Reimagining Retail Banking: How to Revolutionize CX with Generative AI

James Dean, Global Generative AI Specialist, Financial Services Lead, Google, teaches how Generative AI can be harnessed to create a differentiated customer experience, including how to identify customer pain points best addressed by Generative AI, how to build generative AI search and conversational AI experiences, and automate complex tasks to proactively answer customer questions and resolve common issues.

Ethical, Legal & Strategic Risks of AI in Banking

Lance Senoyuit, Senior Principal/Financial Services, SAP will explore the potential downsides of AI in banking, and the scenarios your risk mitigation team needs to plan for now, including how AI can be exploited to harm bank and credit union brands, the privacy, security, and regulatory risks presented by AI-powered tools, and the reputational risks associated with “deepfakes”.

Register before the Winter Discount expires February 22 and save over $1300. Past attendees save even more!

Take a look at the Forum 2024 lineup, and you’ll see nothing but how-to breakouts like these, packed with innovative ideas, advanced strategies, best practices and actionable insights from the industry’s brightest minds. In addition to our AI session track, you’ll also learn:

Best practices and proven digital marketing strategies top-performing banks use to acquire more customers.

Innovative digital banking models and new growth strategies.

The secrets that the most progressive and successful banks use when building their strategic plans.

How to maximize deposits and grow customer relationships with data-driven strategies.

And the Forum 2024 gathers the best and brightest minds in the business world, including:

  • Dan Schulman, former CEO of PayPal, on the future of consumer banking and finance
  • Scott Galloway, best-selling author, world-famous professor of brand strategy and digital marketing, and one of the world’s most provocative voices in business
  • Mike Walsh, futurist and leading authority on disruptive innovation and artificial intelligence

Also appearing on the Forum 2024 mainstage this year, two featured celebrities:

  • Cindy Crawford, international supermodel and global business mogul who will share her branding secrets and management lessons
  • Jim Gaffigan, comedian, actor, writer, and producer, who will entertain Gold Pass holders in a private comedy performance opening night.

jim gaffigan facebook

The three-day program at The Financial Brand Forum 2024 features more than 150 speakers and over 90 hours of world-class educational content, including:

How-to Breakout Sessions — 40 different growth-focused breakouts loaded with actionable insights, big ideas, advanced strategies, and best practices from the brightest minds in banking. Topics span everything from CX and strategic marketing, to AI and digital channels!

Live Demos — See some of the most innovative fintechs in the industry demonstrate the very latest tools and new digital banking solutions live in-person.

Interactive Workshops — Facilitated by the world’s foremost experts in their fields, these intensive masterclasses include courses on Strategic Planning, Innovation, Behavioral Science, AI, Digital Marketing, and Brand Strategy.

There’s more, much more, and you can find it all on the Forum 2024 website.

It all kicks off in just 12 weeks.

Register now to reserve your place. Please sign up before February 22 when our Winter Discount rates expire.

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