Roving Bankers With iPads Can Open Accounts Anywhere

A company called Zenmonics has created a tablet tool that makes sales, marketing, transaction and account information easily accessible through a single, secure interface.

Dubbed “mobileBanker,” the solution frees bank personnel from their workstations, allowing them to essentially perform all the services they would in a pod-style setting from virtually anywhere — inside the branch… or out.

Zenmonics mobileBanker presents a full array of sales, marketing, transaction and account services information, enabling branch staff to work side by side with a client or prospect. Using a tablet equipped with a card reader, associates can quickly swipe a bank card or credit card to identify a customer and to pull up a profile, account information, statement and more. Both customer accounts and bank data can be accessed fluidly without having to toggle between various systems and applications.

This further enables the sales rep to field customer questions, use multimedia to present products and offers, open new accounts, capture signatures, send welcome kits, and email confirmations — all within one system.

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Zenmonics iPad-based on-boarding process also includes eSignature capabilities. The company partnered with SoftPro for its mobile electronic signature software solution, SignDoc Mobile. Financial institutions can utilize the esignature-enabled account opening module to give customers the ability to complete, review, and electronically sign documents on an iPad.

Zenmonics mobileBanker features four modules that correspond to important functions. Zenmonics Lobby Leader can be used to greet and track branch visitors. A Sales module gives sales staff a tool to assess needs, open accounts and offer new products. A Servicing module streamlines profile updates and speeds responses to customer service requests. A Teller module makes it possible for associates to complete transactions from anywhere inside a branch or store.

Zenmonics says its mobileBanker sales tool can help to shorten sales cycles and build revenues. Furthermore, electronic forms and email capabilities can reduce paper and delivery/courier costs.

Riaz Syed, CEO and founder of Zenmonics, says this type of solution is an inevitable evolution in the delivery of banking services.

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“Though mobile banking apps have seen high adoption rates, the industry has yet to bring mobility to bankers who service clients in a face-to-face setting,” Syed says. “With the broad range of information we place at employees’ fingertips, they can work more efficiently and personalize each interaction. The end result is an improved customer experience that builds deeper and longer-lasting relationships.”

“There is an accelerating need to leverage technology to bring the same servicing and cross-selling features to your customer, whether you are meeting them at their business, at an event or at the coffee shop,” explains partner mSchematic, who helped pioneer the technology.

“Tablets are perfect for new account opening or maintenance processes,” adds Rodney Vesling, President and General Manager for SoftPro. “A representative can use an iPad to engage the customer, present information in a graphical format, and capture a secure, biometric eSignature.”

In pilots with U.S. and Latin American banks, it took just four weeks to install and integrate the Zenmonics application with live data. The software was previewed during the FIS Global Banking Perspectives conference in London.

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