Private Banking: A Lifestyle Branch Concept

Only 10% of high net worth clients think private banks are relevant to them. The Identity Group thinks it has a design concept that could change that. They created a conceptual prototype for a differentiated luxury experience targeting high net worth individuals.

There are five different themed meeting rooming in Identity Group’s lifestyle concept:

  1. Cigar Room – An elegant English interior, good ventilation and high-quality congac.
  2. Golf Room – Sometimes meetings can last for hours. Take a break and stretch your legs playing a round on a virtual reality golf course, or enjoy some mini golf.
  3. White Box – A minimalistic interior with understated elegance envelopes an art gallery.
  4. Yacht – For the super rich, this should feel like a comfortable and familiar place.
  5. Wine Room – Rich woods and fine wines. What else would one need to make banking enjoyable?

Clients can choose which meeting room they would like to use, depending on their interests, hobbies and time of day. Meeting rooms can be used by clients for business and private purposes on demand.

Identity Group feels it’s important to keep back office staff totally apart from high net worth clients. There should be as little employee foot traffic from employees in client area’s as possible. They recommend all support staff and functions be located on a separate floor.

Based in Ukraine, Identity Group specializes in the design and implementation of branch design standards for banks.

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