Over 200+ PowerPoint Infographics For Financial Marketers

Need to make an internal presentation to a bank or credit union team? This downloadable collection includes over 200 different charts and graphs published by The Financial Brand.

Every year, The Financial Brand creates hundreds of charts and graphs for inclusion in articles we publish. Over 200 of the best from 2014 have been packed into a giant, free downloadable file. This should make it much more convenient and easier for you to build financial marketing presentations in the upcoming year.

We’ve provided a list below with all the different infographics you’ll get in this year’s collection, followed by a visual preview showing a sample of what the charts and graphs look like. You can also download previous years’ collections.

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2015 Charts & Graphs Pack

210 files | 7.3 MB zipped | 7.5 MB extracted

2014 Charts & Graphs Pack

107 files | 8.1 MB zipped | 9.4 MB extracted

2013 Charts & Graphs Pack

120+ files | 6.6 MB zipped | 7.5 MB extracted

Advertising Media (10 files)

Awareness Advertising From Financial Institutions By Media Type
Change In Ad Spending By Media Type
Click-through Rate Of Digital Display Ads By Industry
Consumers Clicking on Mobile Banking Ads By Age
Consumers Willing To Click On Banks’ Online Ads
Digital Ad Spending In The Financial Industry
Importance Of Marketing Channels
Number Of Email Campaigns Sent By Banks/Credit Unions Per Month
Objectives For Digital Ad Budgets
Sources Consumers Use When Researching Financial Products

Branches (8 files)

Banking Activities Conducted In Branches In Last 6 Months
Banks’ Perceived Value Of Various Branch Innovations
Branch Counts In the United States (2005-2013)
Decline Of FDIC Insured Bank Branches
How Consumers Use Of Branches Has Changed Over Time
How Investments In Branches Will Change
Most Recent Visit To Bank/Credit Union Branch By Age
Time Since Last Visit To A Bank/Credit Union Branch

Challenger Brands (4 files)

Banks’ Perceived Threats Of Industry Disruption
Competitive Threats In The Banking Industry
Consumer Attitudes Towards Outside Banking Brands
Consumers Willingness To Bank With New Providers

Channel Utilization (16 files)

Average Number Of Actions Per Channel Per Month
Banking Channels Used In Last 90 Days
Banks’ Perceived Value Of Online Innovations
Consumer Interactions With Primary Bank By Channel (Last 90 Days)
Consumers’ Channel Preferences For Financial Services
Consumers Using Banking Channels At Least Once Per Week
Consumers’ Willingness To Go Branchless
Cost Of Transactions By Channel
Customer Interactions – Branch vs. Call Center
How Consumers Access Banking Information
How Frequently Consumers Use Various Banking Channels
Methods Consumers Use To Manage Bank Accounts
Most Common Uses For Mobile Banking Apps
Multichannel Utilizations Trends & Patterns
Projections For Retail Banking Interactions By Channel
Top Channels For Selected Banking Activities

Checking Account Acquisition (21 files)

Consumers Who Choose Checking Accounts Because Of Branches
Consumers Who Choose Checking Accounts Because Of Product Features
Consumers Who Choose Checking Accounts Because Of Low Fees
How Consumers Selected Their New Banking Provider
Influence Of Marketing Channels On Choice Of Checking Account
Likely Checking Account Switchers
Most Important Channels For Checking Account Acquisition
Number Of Institutions Consumers Consider Before Switching
Online Activities Prior To Switching Banks
Percentage Of Consumers Opening New Accounts Within Past Year
Percentage Of Consumers Switching Providers Within Past Year
Rate Consumers Switch Banks By Age
Reasons Consumers Open & Switch Checking Accounts
Reasons Consumers Have Switched Banking Providers
Role Of Mobile Banking In Consumers’ Decision To Switch
Time Spent On Research Before Consumers Switched Providers
Top Influencers On Switching Behavior
What Prompts Consumers To Open A New Account
Where Consumers Expect They’ll Open Their Next Checking Account
Why Consumers Didn’t Open Their New Account Online
Why Consumers Don’t Switch Banks

Checking Accounts (18 files)

Average ATM Surcharge
Average Fee For Out-Of-Network ATM Usage
Average Minimum Checking Account Balance Required
Average Monthly Service Fee For Checking Accounts
Average NSF Fee Charged
Average Yield On Interest Checking Accounts
Banking Status Of US Households
Consumer Demand For Budgeting Tools By Gender
Consumers Uncomfortable With Requirements To Waive Checking Fees
Consumers Who Had A Prior Relationship With Their Current Banking Provider
Consumers Who Say Checking Account Features Are ‘Must Have’
How Consumers Rate Checking Account Features
Importance of Checking Account Features To Consumers
Reasons Households Are Unbanked
Specific Checking Account Features Consumers Demand Today
Unbanked Rates By State
Unbanked vs. Underbanked vs. Fully Banked
Underbanked Rates By State

Consumer Sentiment & Satisfaction (19 files)

Channel Preferences For Problem Resolution
Channels Consumers Prefer For Service Issues
Consumer Channel Preferences By Banking Task
Consumer Channel Preferences For Various Banking Activities
Consumer Comfort With Digital-Only Checking Accounts
Consumer Confidence In Banks (1979 – 2013)
Consumer Confidence in Financial Institutions
Consumer Confidence in Financial Provider By Channel Preference
Consumer Satisfaction: Online vs. Mobile Channels
Consumer Satisfaction With How Banks Are Meeting Their Needs
Consumer Trust In Financial Institutions
Consumers’ Preferred National Bank Brands
Drivers Of Confidence In Primary Banking Provider
How Consumers Feel About Resolving Problems By Channel
How Customer Satisfaction Impacts Cross-Selling Success
Number Of Lenders Considered By Mortgage Customers
Perceived Differentiators For Small Business Banking Consumers
Percentage Of Consumers unhappy With Their Financial Institution

Data Analytics (6 files)

6 Drivers Of Predictive Analytics In Financial Services
Analytics Capabilities Of Financial Institutions By Asset Size
Banks’ Biggest Impediments To Big Data Success
Banks’ Maturity With Big Data Adoption
Data Analytics Uses & Applications Among Community Banks
Percentage Of Consumers Who Trust Organizations Will Take Care Of Their Personal Data

Marketing Strategy (4 files)

Consumer Segments With The Greatest Growth Potential
Cross-Channel Marketing Maturity
Internal Barriers To Marketing Success In Financial Services
Investment Priorities For Financial Marketers

Millennials (17 files)

Advantages Millennials See In Branch-Based Banking
Banking Methods Used By Millennials
Changes In Millennial Banking Habits
Channel Preferences For Millennial Consumers
Financial Attitudes Of Millennials
How Millennials Rank The Importance Of Everyday Items
How Millennials View Payments
Investments Owned By Millennials
Millennial Attitudes On Banking Channels
Millennials’ Connection To Their Mobile Device
Millennial Life Events Expected In The Next 12 Months
Millennials Top Banking Activities In Digital Channels
Other Banking Products Millennials Want
Reasons Millennials Use Branches
Sources Millennials Use For Researching Financial Products
Where Millennials Say They Need Financial Advice & Help

Mobile Channel (18 files)

Allocation Of Investments In Mobile Channel
Banks Perceived Value Of Emerging Mobile Innovations
Consumer Concerns About Mobile Banking
Consumer Usage Of Mobile Banking Features
Consumer Utilization Of Mobile Banking Apps
Consumer Utilization Of Mobile Banking Services
Consumers’ Perceived Limitations Of Mobile Devices
Consumers Who Want Mobile Banking By Gender
How Consumers Spend Their Time On Smartphones
How Consumers Use Mobile Devices For Banking
Mobile Banking Adoption By Age Group
Mobile Banking Capabilities Deployed & Planned By Banks
New Mobile Banking Services Planned By Community Banks
Percentage Of Consumers Who Downloaded Their Bank’s Mobile App
Percentage Of Women Saying Their Bank’s Mobile App Is Easy To Use
Preferences For Smartphone Banking Activities By Gender
Why Consumer Don’t Use Mobile Banking Apps

Mobile Wallets (5 files)

Age Distribution Of Digital Wallet Users
Consumer Awareness Of Mobile Wallets
Digital Wallet Market Share
How Consumers Are Willing To Use Mobile Wallets
How Consumers Rank The Importance Of Items In Their Wallets

Payments (25 files)

Average Payments Made By Age
Consumer Interest In Mobile Payments
Consumer Reasons For Not Using Mobile Payments
Consumers Making In-Store Mobile Payments
Consumers’ Preferred Method For Day-To-Day Purchases
Consumers’ Security Concerns About Mobile Payments
Consumers Who Say They Never Write Checks
Forecast Of Mobile In-Store Payments
Frequency Of Mobile Phone Usage As A Payment Device
How Consumers Usually Make Small Purchases
How Often Consumers Write Personal Checks
Mobile In-Store Payment Projections
Mobile P2P Payment Methods Used By Consumers
Mobile Payments As A Percent Of Total In-Store Volume
Most Trusted Mobile Payment Service Providers
Options For Mitigating Mobile Transaction Concerns
Payment Preference By Household Income
Payment Type By Spending Category
Payment Type By Transaction Amount
Percentage Of Consumers Paying Bills On Mobile Devices
Percentage Of Consumers Willing To Change Payment Behaviors
Preferred Mobile Payments Providers
Reasons Consumers Won’t Use Mobile Devices For Payments
Shares Of Transactions By Payment Type

Social Media (21 files)

Average Assets Per Facebook Like
Average Assets Per Twitter Follower
Average Organic Reach Of Updates Posted On Facebook
Consumer Satisfaction With Banks In Social Channels
Consumer Sentiment Towards Financial Institutions In Social Channels
Consumers Who Follow Their Institution By Age
Consumers Who Have Followed Their Institution On Any Social Platform
Consumers Who Have Talked About Their Institution On Social Media
Consumers Who Say Banks’ Use Of Social Media Is Annoying
Consumers Who Say Bank’s Use Of Social Media Is Ineffective
Consumers Who Would Never Use Social Media To Resolve Banking Issues
Content Shared By Credit Unions In Social Channels
Demographic Breakdown Of Facebook Users
Financial Marketers Intending To Leverage More Social Media
Frequency Of Consumer Contact In Social Channels
How Consumers Talk About Financial Institutions On Social Networks
How Credit Union CEOs Feel About Social Media
Impact Of Social Media Tactics
Online Banking Users Likely To Follow Their Bank In Social Channels
Social Media Channels Consumers Use In Banking
Social Media Channels Used By Credit Unions

Strategic Planning (19 files)

Allocation Of Innovation Investments In Banking
Biggest Challenges In Banking Industry
Biggest Threats Facing Banking Industry
Challenges And Changes Facing Bankers In Next 5 Years
Challenges To Growth For Community Banks
Changes In Asset Class Distribution 1985 vs 2010
Credit Union Competitiveness With Banks
Credit Union Product Priorities
Growth Drivers For Community Banks 2015
Internal Systems Used To Foster Innovation
Investment Priorities For Community Banks
Major Industry Trends
Merger And Acquisition Outlook For Community Banks
Number Of Banks And Credit Unions 1984 2013
Percentage Banks With An Innovation Strategy
Percentage Of Large vs Small Banks In The United States
Primary Banks Share Of Product Holdings
Top 3 Strategic Challenges Facing Credit Unions
Top Drivers Of Revenues In Banking



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