Nimble Rebranding

With fewer and fewer people using paper currency, online lender Cash Doctors knew the time had come to find a new name. Read about their rebranding process and how they evolved into ‘Nimble’ in this Q&A interview.

Geographic area served: Australia
Assets: $6,700,000
# of branches: None (online only)
# of customers: 10,000 active members w/a loan in the last 12 months
Slogan/tagline: Smart Little Loans

Project: Rebrand “Cash Doctors” with a new name
Budget for project: $72,000

Facebook: nimblemoney (588 ‘Likes)
Twitter: nimblemoney (19 Followers)
YouTube: nimblemoney (2 videos, 378 video views)

All answers provided by: Kirsten Stallard, Marketing Coordinator

Why change names?

KS/Nimble: Cash is rapidly becoming a thing of the past… which also meant our old name Cash Doctors was rapidly becoming obsolete. We wanted to change our name to something that better reflected our product and culture, while separating us from some of the less-than-responsible lenders in our industry using the word “cash” in their names.

Why did ‘Nimble’ get picked?

KS/Nimble: The strategy of the rebrand was to come up with a name that reflected who we are and what we do. The name Nimble is a perfect fit. It’s fast, smart, agile and anti-establishment. It captures the benefits we deliver to our customers in a single word. Our branding partner spent time in our office, sitting in with our customer service guys, working closely with our marketing team and immersing themselves in our culture.

What’s the story behind the logo?

KS/Nimble: The US-based creative agency, Cuban Council, came up with our logo and branding. They’re the same guys who designed the Facebook logo. We came up with the name and the tagline, and then got them on board to come up with something brilliant.

The geometric jackrabbit is the essence of Nimble as a company. He is playful but sturdy, exuding movement, optimism, and action. He is nimble. He’s also transparent at his core, revealing his inner workings — we’re proud that he highlights our attitude towards openness.

And the typography beneath the rabbit? It’s big and bold, set in a plain, unassuming font. It emphasizes who we are and what we do — straight up, without any confusion.

The old “Cash Doctors” name and logo (left) with the new Nimble brand (right).

What was the most difficult part of rebranding?

KS/Nimble: The most difficult part of the project was getting everything finished in time! As well as we had planned out the rebrand, little things that needed to be addressed kept popping up at the last minute that took up valuable time. A hurdle we needed to overcome was the process of redirecting our website over to the new domain. We did a test run of switching a finance-related domain over to a non-finance related domain to make sure it would go smoothly. The biggest surprise was how well our members took to the rebrand! We had a lot of good feedback and our first day as Nimble was a record-breaking day in terms of new loans.

What media channels were involved in the rebrand?

KS/Nimble: The project included direct mail, TV and radio ads, billboards/outdoor and various online- and new media channels. To get the word out, we utilized public relations, email marketing and search engine marketing.

Where does social media fit in?

KS/Nimble: Our social media channels very much act as a place where our customers choose to communicate with us about the product and their loans and such – not so much a place where people who aren’t involved in the product engage. We used our Facebook and Twitter profiles to continuously remind our customers that we would be changing over and what it would mean to them.

How did this project integrate front line staff?

KS/Nimble: The project really involved all branches within the company. The marketing team had to work closely with all teams to ensure that the branding was properly implemented across all departments. The front line staff in the call centre went through training to get everyone scrubbed up on the new branding.

How’s it gone so far? And what’s next?

KS/Nimble: The results have been pleasing. We’re still in the early days yet, and still measuring our success. We’re still working on getting our branded and non-branded search rankings up, and we’re about to launch our first ever offline campaign which should give us more of an idea on the value of the rebrand.

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