Is HSBC’s Position as a ‘Worldwide Local Bank?’ Even Possible?

HSBC tries to position itself as a “globally local” bank in this minute-long TV spot about cultural differences.

After showcasing a couple things you shouldn’t do with your hands and feet in other countries, the ad concludes with the tagline, “The world’s local bank.”

Some American management consultants
recommend having meetings standing up to save time.

HSBC TV still 1

Which wouldn’t suit this Japanese chairman,
who likes to take the time to
contemplate what is being discussed.

HSBC TV still 2

It’s fine to get some shuteye in Thailand,
but not like this. Showing the soles of your feet
is one of the rudest things you can do.

HSBC TV still 3

And this hand gesture in parts of Greece
would also be found appalling.

HSBC TV still 4

At HSBC, we never underestimate
the importance of local knowledge,
particularly when it comes to your money.
Because what we learn in one country
can directly benefit our customers in another.

HSBC TV still 5

HSBC. The world’s local bank.

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